Diana Jenkins Net Worth Crosses $300 Million in 2022

Diana Jenkins net worth was reported (2022) as $300 million which makes her one of the most famous rich women. Diana Jenkins is a war refugee which is the worst experience for her. But despite this dreadful childhood experience she did not lose hope and became a top successful entrepreneur and a famous TV personality. 

Recently, She cast in the 12th season of the show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on May 11, 2022.

Quick Facts About Diana Jenkins Net Worth

Net Worth$300 Million  
NameDiana Jenkins
Profession  Entrepreneur
Age49 Years Old
CountryUnited States of America
Salary$45 Million (Annual)

Moreover, she was also credited for her generous and benevolent welfare work in order to help out those people who had suffered the same as well as people with similar backgrounds. Further, she also managed the beverage company.

Her Early Life and 1992s Terrible Incident

Diana Jenkins real name is Sanela Dijana Catic. Diana was born on Oct 24 and grew up in Sarajevo which is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She belongs to a middle-class family. She had a brother named Irnis. Her mother was an accountant and her father was an economist there.

In the 1992s war in Sarajevo, she and her family were forced to leave the country during her study in Sarajevo. Her big brother was murdered by Serb Soldiers and he was 21 years old then. Hence she and he parents fled to Croatia as a refugee. Later they moved to London.

Diana is an opportunity catcher and she did not let her past incidents affect her studies. After two years, She continued her studies under an English name Sanela Diana at City University, London which was one of the top-ranked universities.

Then, she did graduation with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Computer science. She was an excellent student and has a passion to attain academic achievements. Due to this passion, she was recognized for her honesty and got permanent citizenship.

What Struggles Make Diana Jenkins Net Worth $300 Million

After completing her bachelor’s degree, she took a step ahead to become a successful businesswoman. She has done many jobs and unhurriedly managed to save enough money to open her own jewelry business.

She worked jointly with Melissa Odabash to get the swimwear brand of Melissa Odabash which she had received. Then she migrated to Sherman Oaks, California where she build up Neuro Drinks which is a non-carbonated beverage company.

Furthermore, she originated D Empire Entertainment which is an independent platform to give new generation artistic creative opportunities. Recently she joined the cast of RHOBH ( Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) in season 12th airing in 2022.

Diana Jenkins net worth is $300 million which she made with her unrelenting struggles and was recognized as a survivor, a refugee, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, and also a mother.

Diana Jenkins Net Worth and How She Made her $300 Million Wealth

As reported in 2022 Diana Jenkins net worth is $300 million. As above she got her success track when she cooperated with Melissa Odabash and got her swimwear brand.

Moreover, half of her wealth was made as a whopping bonus of $150 million by getting divorced from Roger Jenkins a Barclays Bank executive.

Diana Jenkins net worth Crosses $300 Million in 2022
Lifestyle of Diana Jenkins

Further, She managed to make her wealth with various business activities such as being the founder of a beverages company and also entering into media industries and more.

Recently RHOBH series cast Diana in its 12th season from where she got her per-episode salary that increases her wealth. Thus these ambitious activities made Diana Jenkins net worth $300 million.

Humanitarian Work

She is not only making profitable ventures but also making lots of not-for-profit organizations to raise human rights awareness. She engages the world with other co-celebrities to aware of human rights. Diana is really ambitious in her constant support and humanitarian work for needy people.

Back in 2002, Diana Jenkins established “The Irnis Catic Foundation” in the name of her late brother Irnis Catic who was murdered in the war. This foundation provides crucial healthcare facilities for the students of the University of Sarajevo.

Diana Jenkins and actor George Clooney both worked together in helping the victims of the Darfur Genocide by hosting the Mayfair London fundraiser.

In that year, she also engaged in a partnership with the University of California, Los Angeles to initiate the Sanela Diana Jenkins human rights project.

The fund made for these projects is given from Diana Jenkins. However, the main focus of that project was Human rights injustice. Further, it was the first project about human rights established at the University of California.

Jenkins is also a founder of a relief organization that provides help for the Haiti Earthquake, name as Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization. Once Diana was also awarded the Enduring Vision award for her awareness raised on AIDS which is given by the Elton John AIDS foundation.

Moreover, she also published a photographic book named “Room 23” and proceeds made from this book were donated to charity work.

Awards Presented to Salena Diana

Sanela was once awarded the Enduring Vision Award from Elton John’s AIDS Foundation in 2012, in order to spread awareness of AIDS.

That year, The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law also appreciated Diana Jenkins as one of the “World’s Top Three Justice Innovators”.

Diana was executed in 2013 for Isa-beg Ishakovi Award for her Patriotism with Bosnia.

Her Relationship Status

Sanela Diana and Roger Jenkins a Barclays Bank executive, both married in 1999, which united them together. But however, they decided on a mutual separation after 10 years of their marriage. Diana has 2 children with Roger. However, this separation proved beneficial for Diana as it increased her net worth.

Currently, Diana is in a relationship with a well-known musician Asher Monroe and she is staying in a beautiful mansion in the Hidden Hills, California.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How did Diana Jenkins get her money?

Diana is a founder of Neuro Drinks, which is her own beverages company According to RocketReach, her company makes $79 million per year.

What is Diana Jenkins famous for?

Diana Jenkins is famous because she is an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of D Empire Entertainment. Moreover, she also served philanthropist works to help humans in order to protect their rights. She also started some not-for-profit organizational projects.

How much is Diana from Real Housewives worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Diana Jenkins net worth is estimated in The Real Housewives Worth as $300million (updated 2022). Thus, it seems she was the richest cast in that series.

How did Diana Jenkins meet Asher Monroe?

Diana and Asher Monroe met at an event of Victoria’s secret.

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