Ryan Cartagena challenged his father ‘Fat Joe the gangsta’ 

Ryan Cartagena is the famous and distinguished second child of the famed rapper Fat Joe. But despite his recognition because of his father, he is struggling to rise as a big star in the Hip Hop music industry in New York. Let’s take a peek at his struggling lifestyle! 

Ryan Cartagena’s age & Birthplace 

Ryan was born in 1995, although the exact day of birth is not revealed yet, despite his social and perky personality on social media accounts. He was born and raised in the United States, which has methodically given him American nationality.  

He is Christian by religion.  

Ryan Cartagena’s education 

There has not been enough information gathered on Ryan’s education but his father has insinuated his brilliance in studies while interviewing him when Ryan was only 15 years old, Fat Joe said, “a good kid with a 97 average in school, but I have to stay strict with him.” 

Fat Joe also admitted in that same interview that he didn’t appreciate his son taking after him in the same profession of rapping he was in, and that too he’ll like him to be doing something different. 

But the predicaments of now are completely different, Ryan is knee-deep into the rapping career.  

Ryan Cartagena’s family 

While coming to the celebrity‘s family, he is the youngest son and the second child of Fat Joe. Although there are not many shreds of evidence that confirmed whether he is the biological or full son of Fat Joe and Lorena. But the speculations are there which suggest that he is just like his elder brother not the biological son of the duo, but he is from a previous relationship with his father who happens to be the CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment.  

Ryan’s elder brother ‘Joey Cartagena’ happens to be a special child and the one who is most doted on by his father. 

Ryan’s sister ‘Azariah Cartagena’ is the only biological child of Fat and Lorena Cartagena.  

Ryan Cartagena’s love acquaintances 

Ryan has never publicized his love life to the media, and neither of his love acquaintance, if any, came under the media’s radar. So, we have surmised he is neither married nor in a relationship right now.  

Ryan’s acclaimed father ‘Fat Joey’ 

The most popular and well-recognized American rap artist, actor, and voice actor, Fat Joe’s real name is Joseph Antonio Cartagena, he is known globally for his East Coast gangsta rap style. He made his first debut in 1993 when he released his very first studio album ‘Represent’ where he collaborated with other musicians.  

Regardless of Fat Joe’s numerous music releases, and studio albums, his major recognition will always be his fabled feud with fellow rap artist 50 Cent.  

The feud between the two rappers started in 2005 when 50 Cent released his second studio album, “The Massacre,” which included the song “Piggy Bank.” And there he has various belittling rhymes on Fat Joe and other musicians, which led to heated arguments and derogatory remarks exchanged between the two artists, and that had not ended till 2014.  

Why is Ryan Cartagena disappointed with Fat Joey? 

Ryan’s father is a successful music artist but still, he’s warning his son that he will not make up for the massive success in the music business, although he is trying his best to forge his Hip Hop career on Growing Hip Hop in New York.   

But these warnings and reprimands never ceased Fat Joe to support his son when he wasn’t able to appear at Ryan’s listening party, which was a letdown for his son, and he believes that his father deliberately did that, which was confirmed by his interview where he was asked ho will be attending that party, he said, “Whoever doesn’t come… you’re a square!”. 

Ryan asked about his father and whether he will be coming or not, as he wasn’t coming so Ryan was indirectly calling his dad a square. 

To which Fat Joe replied, “I wish I could be there,”  

But Ryan despite his disappointment in his father for not appearing at the party, is still adamant to make his father proud with his music.  

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Ryan Cartagena’s professional career 

Regardless of his father’s preference for him to adopt another career, Ryan Cartagena has been captivated with music just like his father and is now recognized as an imminent music composer. His recognition is major because of his appearance in French Montana: What It Look Like (2019), Growing Up Hip Hop: New York (2019), and Unsung (2008). 

Social Media accounts of Ryan Cartagena 

Ryan has taken after his father in socializing over social media platforms, he has an Instagram account with the username @rysofocused. He has gained approximately +2k followers and more than 100 posts. The usual content that he uploads is motivational quotations that are inspiring for himself as well.   

Ryan Cartagena’s Net worth 

Ryan has multiple sources of income which accumulates his net worth including his money, income, and assets from the family. Although the primary source is him being a composer and his income is approximately $1-$5. Regardless of his massive fortune, Ryan prefers to adopt a modest lifestyle.  

FAQs on Ryan Cartagena 

Who is Ryan Cartagena? 

He is a music composer and music artist and the son of the famous rapper Fat Joe the gangsta.  

Who is Fat Joe to Ryan? 

Fat Joe is his father.  

Is Ryan’s Lorena Cartagena real son? 

No, as surmised by the rumors Ryan is not the biological son of Lorena but he is from a lady who was in a previous relationship with his father.  

What is Ryan Cartagena famous for? 

Ryan is famous for his Hip Hop music, although his major recognition is due to his appearance in French Montana: What It Look Like (2019), Growing Up Hip Hop: New York (2019), and Unsung (2008). 

What is Ryan Cartagena’s net worth? 

His net worth is approximately between $1 and $5 million.  

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