How to Play Google Memory Game and Its Best Alternatives? 

Mind and memory games are the best teasers for boosting brain activity. Google memory games are made on scientific research that helps to keep one’s cognitive abilities sharp and accelerate responsive capabilities. 

Furthermore, they also enrich memory, concentration, processing tempo, and problem-solving proficiency. Apart from that, it could prevent various diseases as it boosts one’s self-esteem, elevates stress, and refreshes the mood. 

In memory games, gamers have to focus on solving a problem. Thinking initiates the brain cells to work rapidly. As a consequence, the connection between brain cells strengthens, and coordination gets better. 

How to Play Google Memory Game |

For children, the Google memory game trains the optical impression, improves short-term memories, improves vocabulary, and soar analytical thinking. It also helps to clarify things through their similarities and varying distinctions. 

What’s Google Memory Game?

Google Memory Game is a top-tier game popular among children and teenagers. The game offers a logical battle. Various images are presented to the player, and he has to remember where what image was shown. The images are presented one after another. However, when one picture opens up, the other gets close. This game could be played both by kids and adults due to its gaming characteristics. 

The game isn’t available on Google Play Store. Likewise, don’t waste time finding it on the Apple App Store as well. The game is available online on any browser and can be played online. One can also view the ads and find other memory-boosting games to play.

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How to Play Google Memory Game?

The gameplay is straightforward due to the simple logical patterns. The game focuses on children’s brains. Hence it could be easy for some adults. Nonetheless, many still feel it is tough to play. Follow the instructions while playing the game to ace a high record;

  • A screen holding various cards will appear in front of the device after opening the game. 
  • Every card holds a different image without any specific pattern. 
  • But, every card in the whole screen will have a similar pair. It could be just beside it or somewhere far. 
  • One needs to flip the card and remember its position and its location. 
  • When a second card is opened, the first card will be closed. 
  • One has to match the pairs by flipping the cards simultaneously. If the cards are identical, the user will receive points. If the cards aren’t identical, they’ll close normally. 
  • Hence, one needs to focus and remember the images and location of cards to win the contest.  

How Does Google Memory Game Help in Improving Cognitive Abilities?

As discussed earlier, playing puzzles has various benefits. Many parents buy different expensive board games, legos, puzzles, and Dominos for their children to build their short-term memory stronger. However, they might not be aware of various online games that are specially designed for this purpose. 

If anyone doesn’t feel confident enough about their critical thinking and wants to broaden their perception or thinking speed, they must try their best at such games. Here is a list of some factors that are enhanced by playing memory-enhancing games.

Refining Cognitive Functions

In games, there are various problems given to a player. The player must have reasonable analytical skills to level up or pass the game. If someone isn’t able to find clues or match the correct pairs, the game fails. Hence, a person keeps trying to figure out the solution, which consequently makes it easier to find a solution to various problems. 

Quick Processing 

Many people face difficulty in accessing their thoughts and can’t give a prompt response. Such people take much time to process things and react slowly. However, it could be unhealthy in various situations. Playing games enables one to process things rapidly. Puzzles are based on such a procedure that helps one in thinking promptly to get ahead in the game. 

A Constructive Activity to Kill Time

Instead of sitting idly or sleeping, it’s better to play something to keep the mind active while relaxing the body. If one plays memory games frequently, they wouldn’t get tired while playing puzzling ques but rather enjoy them. 

Additionally, they also improve neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is a psychological term related to the brain. The brain can rewrite, change or rewire the capacity of the brain (synaptic connections) through learning experiences, often in injuries as well. 

What to Do if Google Memory Games Don’t Work on Your Device?

What to Do if Google Memory Games Don't Work on Your Device? |

There are times when the Google Memory game doesn’t work. There could be three possible reasons for this issue;

  • Check your server connection and internet. Also, run the troubleshoot on your device (particularly in the case of a laptop). As it’s an online game, hence, it’s best to stay connected to the internet. 
  • Secondly, it could be that there is immense traffic on the website, due to which servers are unable to track or read the information of some devices. Therefore, it appears on the screen that the site is not responding or the connection is timed out. 
  • Lastly, it could be because the games aren’t available in certain regions. One can use VPN to tackle this issue. 
  • Tip; Another reason for this could be the phone or browser setting. It might not allow the game to launch on your phone; one must check their settings to see whether your device is restrictions certain features of the game or not. This should be examined first, and then follow the other instructions. 

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Alternatives of Google Memory Game

The web is filled with mind teasers and mind-boosting games. However, some games are loved by millions of users and rank at the top. Other than Google Memory Game, the list of the top best games is given below. 

Top Best 6 Google Memory Games for 2023

  • Remembery

Remembery is available in the app stores. It consists of a variety of gaming modes, card packs, and gaming levels focusing on concentration, quick processing, and logical abilities. 

  • Luminosity; Brain Training Final Words

Luminosity focuses on simple playing methods and takes to make the player feel relaxed and concentrated. It also improves short-term memory, focus, and other cognitive abilities. 

  • Charlotte’s Table

In Charlotte’s Table, one has to customize a shop’s interior and exterior, as well as the menu. This game helps in organizing stuff and enhances practical communication and business dealings proficiency. Customers of various tempers come to the shop, and the player has to deal with them accordingly to gain points. 

  • Neuronation

Just like the name, Neuronation is comprised of 300 different difficulty levels and 34 modes based on scientific research on hosting the past of memory and concentration. Without any doubt, it’s the best mind-boosting game. 

  • Match and Home Designs Blast

Match and Home Designs Blast is a home decor game. However, it’s not a simple home decor game. Rather, one has to solve bubble puzzles to earn stars and then get elements for home decor. Basically, it’s a bubble shooting game; one has to shoot bubbles of similar colors. It has various levels, and the game becomes tough with every passing level. 

  • Lights

Lights is a multiplayer game with 12 buttons and 15 distinct gaming modes. One can enjoy all the updated features of the latest fame in it. This is also a memory game. 

If someone has played any other Google Memory Game, let us know in the comments below. 

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