Pixwox: How to Download Reels & Stories, Excellent Features, Merits & Drawbacks, & Alternatives

Are you an introvert? Or you don’t like to be exposed on social media? But you love looking at people’s stories, reels, and Instagram posts. So here is a solution, use Pixwox.  Where you can hide your identity and look through Instagram without revealing your identity and personal information, moreover you can stalk your ex, crush, or anybody you want to. 

The website allows you to share, edit, and browse your favorite content on Instagram. Also, you may like to download any picture or reel. Pixwox allows you to download it without even logging in. Isn’t it super cool? Furthermore, in this article, we will get deeper into how it allows you to download posts and videos, its Characteristics, merits and drawbacks, how you can use it for marketing your business, and alternatives. 

What is Pixwox? | Is it Better than Instagram?

Pixwox is a platform that allows you to download pictures and videos without logging in. Moreover, you can edit, customize, and reshare images or short clips on your account. Furthermore, you can browse any post, pictures, and clips without revealing your identity.

Even if you save it or download it, nobody will get to know about who is the person behind it. Are you ready to stalk and spice up your Instagram browsing without getting caught? Read the article below.

How to Download Insta Reels & Stories from Pixwox?

Here is a complete guide for you on how to download Instagram short clips and images. 

Download Insta Reels

  • Open the Pixwox website. Use any browser. However, I prefer using Google Chrome.
  • Enter your username in the search bar. Click enter. 
  • Check out the reels section. 
  • Swipe up or down to watch short clips. 
  • You will see “…” these dots in the right bottom.
  • Click on the dots. Select save or save the video in the option. 

Download Insta Stories 

  • Open Instagram or Pixwox.
  • You can see the stories of people you follow.
  • Click on their profile picture to see the story.
  • Save it by taking a snapshot or recording. 

Isn’t it so easy? Just open, select, and save. Do try and let me know if you find it easy too. Furthermore, here are some characteristics that may attract you more to the website. 

Features of Pixwox

Are you excited to know more about the website? Let’s dig in. 

Create Folders for Images

In Pixwox you can add multiple pictures. But the question is how will you manage them separately. So the website allows you to create folders and sort the pictures out easily. 

Pixwox: How to Download Reels & Stories, Excellent Features, Merits & Drawbacks, & Alternatives

This is a very creative feature for photographers and graphic designers. With this attribute, they can manage their social media handling smoothly. 

Multiple Access

If a team or group of people want to work on a set of pictures they can access them at the same time and work. This is a very useful tool for business management.

Support All Files Type

Pixwox is open to working with all types of file formats like JPEG, PNG, and RAR files. Isn’t it so impressive? Because I have never seen any site that allows all formats. 

Download Insta Reels and Stories

You can easily download any clip or image from the website. Moreover, you can save them for later or bookmark them to watch them some other time. 

Easy Interface

A compelling user-friendly interface for the users. You can edit a picture or reel. Add filter, text, background, or any emojis. So you look top-notch as compared to your other followers. 

Merits and Drawbacks of Using this Website

Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. So here are some of Pixwox. 


  • Just log in to the website and download any post, picture, or story.
  • If you want to look at your watch history it can be checked and deleted. 
  • Anything you view or browse is kept safe and hidden.
  • The app is safe and secure.
  • Free of cost.


  • You cannot access private accounts.
  • There are so many fake accounts the same as some celebrities to gain followers. 
  • People have reviewed some negative comments on the website. However, there is no clarification on it.

Alternatives of Pixwox

I believe you liked Pixwox and its great features. However, if you are not satisfied here are some alternatives to the sites.

How to Use Pixwox for Digital Marketing to Promote Your Business?

Do you know this website is a great tool to promote your business online? If not then read how you can do it. By using this website you can add stories or short clips of your product. Moreover, you can show behind the scenes how you start the process and then the final product.

Furthermore, you can announce any new updates, discounts, and sales through it. To attract your followers and to know their preferences, have a question-and-answer session. It will give a boost to your business marketing and development. 

Wrap Up

To wrap up, we have discovered some most beneficial features of Pixwox. It is free, you just need to sign in and start browsing Instagram accounts anonymously. Moreover, you can share, edit, and save all your favorite clips and images from Instagram.

Furthermore, the site can be used for digital marketing. You can show your product through reels and pictures. Or you can shoot behind-the-scenes videos to show to your followers. This type of marketing helps in business development. 

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