12 Best KBH Games of 2022

KBH games are one popular game that is played all over the world by young people as well as adults. They are so portable that one could even play them on the regular browser window. Likewise, they have multiple variations such as rhythm and melody-based games, subway surfers, multiple-player games, murder, FPS, local 2-player, and puzzle games. 

Such games are the best ways for a small-time gaming routine. No need for heavy playing, just playing on mood according to the mood is required here. Here is the list of the best KBH games below.  

12 Best KBH Games in 2022

Cookie Clicker 

A Cookie Clicker is one of the kbh games that is known for its idleness (even if you’re not playing, it works on its own). Cookie Clicker is a fun cooking game to play. 

How to play Cookie Clicker 

  • Bake cookies according to the instructions and demand. 
  • Multiple levels
  • Difficulty increases in Cookie Clicker with the higher level you get.
  • Religions based cookies 
  • Global warming maintenance due to bookies and controlling it.
  • Using cookies as currency.
  • Awesome game to play. is a hide-and-seek game (one of the rare games found on the web in terms of genre). This game is quite simple and doesn’t need any how-to-play guides. Hence, give it a go when you’re bored or have time on hand that you want to get by. 

Friday Night Funkin Regular Show 

An amazing music battle is waiting for you in which only one rapper could take it all. Who would be that rapper? In Friday Night Funkin Regular Show, a musical battle will be brought up in which the boyfriend will fight. Benson, Mordecai, Finn, and Rigby will be the opponents. Play the game and get to know who is the winner among these super famous rappers. 

Remember, there will be only one winner. 

The character you choose will have to fight all its opponents. If he loses to an opponent, the battle will commence again from the beginning. To prevent this from happening, carefully shoot down the arrows that move around the screen. Good luck! 

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FNF Hypno Lullaby V2

FNF Hypno Lullaby V2 is a game full of action in which a couple will fight off dangerous monsters to keep everyone safe around them. There would be a boss character that the main player has to fight. That insidious enemy could hypnotize the main character with its effective abilities. 

The boss enemy has a ring that he uses to keep the enemy asleep. To avoid falling into his trap, close your eyes occasionally or the character will fall asleep.   

Features and a how-to-play guide 

  • This Kbh games mod is built on several rounds.
  • Various monsters to fight off. 
  • Uses music (rapping skills) to make the monsters go frenzy or insane.
  • After the monsters are defeated, they disappear from the gaming arena. 
  • The series flying will twinkle in multiple colors and will be responsive to the palpitation of the melody. 
  • Follow the elements closely.
  • Losing at any point will shift the game to its beginning. 

Friday Night Funkin Vs FNAF 2

Mind Blowing Friday Night Funkin Vs FNAF 2 mod is a popular game among children and teens. The player can take on Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Foxy, Mangle, Freddy Fazbear, and Balloon Boy. Only professionals will participate in games who know how to rap satisfactorily inducing musical duels. 

How to play Friday Night Funkin Vs FNAF 2

  • It’s a difficult game. 
  • The main character has to show his whole potential and talents.
  • Defeating toy monsters. 
  • Catching flying arrows would be favorable and would increase the melody time to some seconds. 
  • Missing the arrows will create trouble and the hero could die as a result. 
  • Prepare carefully to not let your boyfriend down.

Friday Night Funkin Corrupted Omniverse VS Ben 10

In the newest extraordinary Kbh games, Friday Night Funkin Corrupted Omniverse Vs Ben 10 mod; participating in rap battles with very competent and tough opponents. To survive in the rounds, do your best as other candidates are giving their all to win and are ready to do anything to be at the top. 

How to play Friday Night Funkin Corrupted Omniverse VS Ben 10?

  • Several stages
  • Opponents will deliver voice blows. 
  • Using all sorts of tricks would be beneficial during the rap crusades.  
  • Having an evening date with the boyfriend in the park at the end would be awarded after winning the game.
  • To win, prove the character’s leadership skills. 
  • Opponents will be recharged and their skills will be boosted if they are knocked off with a virus. 
  • Defeat the opponents by collecting a maximum number of arrows. 

Piggyfied (FNF Roblox Piggy)

In the Kbh games, Piggfied has been modified to battle with unusual opponents. The characters will rap in turns, to the same tune. The boyfriend will rap and compete roughly. The pig would have a club with her in the competition and that club would be waived by the pig while singing. 

How to play Piggyfied

  • New musical hits
  • Gorgeous illustrations
  • To win the rounds, the boyfriend has to rap better than other opponents. 
  • The boyfriend will be fighting against the pig. 
  • Collect arrows to be the leader. 
  • Falling to collect arrows can result in defeat and the pig will become the leader. 
  • In the end, the couple will reunite. 
  • Participate in all trials of this type of KBH game. 

Dynamons 2

Endless adventure, thrill, and entertainment are the staples of Pokemon games. Hence, players await adventures with Pokemon. Dynamons are the replica of Pokemon. In the game, the player has to connect them, train the pets, and take part in fights with them. To win, use the best-trained and strongest Pokemon during the contests. 

How to play Dynamons 2?

  • Multiplayer games (more than one player can play)
  • Turn-based battles. 
  • Characters take turns walking, attacking, and defending themselves. 
  • Each character contains a vital energy shown through a scale. 
  • Consider timings while striking the opponent. 
  • Don’t die before the enemy. 
  • Complete daily basis to earn points.
  • Take part in PVP arenas to obtain additional bonuses. 
  • Many interesting innovations will be updated in new installments of the game. 

Pokemon Jump

If you love playing Pokemon, jumping, and running games then Pokemon Jump is for you. Mindfulness and agility are the best prospects of this game. The basics of playing this game are avoiding Pokeballs. 

How to play Pokemon Jump

  • Collect a maximum number of points. 
  • Set new records in the Pokemon Jump. 
  • Complete all levels by overcoming the difficulties in Kbh games. 
  • Avoid colliding with the Pokeball.
  • After colliding, the game will restart.
  • Feed on food that comes flying in the air. Or else, the small creatures with you will starve to death. 

Pokemon Go

Pokemon has been one of the top-viewed anime around the world. Due to its world-famous recognition, soon app developers launched various games that were inspired by the anime. This process started almost ten years ago but the rebirth of Pokemon was once again initiated through the game, Pokemon games are specially built for the younger generation. It’s a once-go for all the gamers out there. 

How to play Pokemon Go?

  • Catch as many yellow nimble Pokemon companions.
  • Help Pikachu in finding the right path.
  • Avail any chance to aid Pikachu. 
  • Multiple levels
  • Follow all the steps indicated in the game. 
  • Trap the monster in your pocket. 
  • Good luck!

Pokemon Pikachu 

Pikachu is known for helping others in need but when Pikachu falls into the clutches of fortune and needs help, this game follows a similar story. Pikachu gets trapped in the Arctic Ocean and is freezing the cold weather. He needs help and only capable players can help him in escaping from there. 

How to play Pokemon Pikachu?

  • In the coldest ocean, the Arctic Ocean, Pikachu ends up. 
  • Help Pikachu in getting out of there by jumping on the icebergs. 
  • Try not to fall into the water or you will become frost. 
  • Every jump will get you a piece of cheese to regenerate the energy of Pikachu. 
  • Have fun playing the game.

Pokemon Run 

In headquarters, there is a lack of Pokeballs and they’re searching for young recruiters to find Pokeballs to store them in the warehouse. The KBH games require the player to broaden the horizon and visit many places to hunt various monsters that have been wanted. 

How to play Pokemon Run

  • Beware of traps.
  • Best small monsters.
  • Take the Pokeballs after catching them in a tree. 
  • Complete the missions. 
  • Do puzzles. 
  • More Pokeballs mean more points. 
  • Accumulation of more points will consequently result in better points.
  • Multiple levels.
  • After leveling up, the difficulty of Pokemon Run will be enhanced. 

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