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People around the world enjoy celebrating Christmas with Lifetime Christmas movies. This is because it’s an exciting event for everyone, and every person has their taste in what they like to watch during these holidays. But many teens prefer watching stellar films explicitly related to this time of year or want something fun that will make memories last longer than ever before – so when you’re looking through lifetime Christmas movies, whatsmind will assist you in choosing a perfect film according to your mood and choice.   

Just keep on scrolling, and you will come to know about fantastic Lifetime Christmas movies that you can watch depending on your mood.  😌

12 Men of Christmas (2009)   

Movie Summary:  

The first Lifetime Christmas movies that we will discuss is 12 Men of Christmas. In this movie, an ex-fiance and publicist from New York is betrayed by both her boss at work and the one who was supposed to be marrying them. She ends up moving out west after being propositioned with money for sex by someone else in Montana while trying to promote charity calendars that got cut short due to other scandals going down around town where she figured things couldn’t get much worse until they finally did.  

Two months later – everything changes when an old flame comes back into contact again, only this time it’s not anything good.  

A Country Christmas Story (2013)  

Movie summary:  

In a movie filmed in Dollywood, an African-American girl from the Appalachian mountains dreams of becoming a country star come true. The story follows this young singer as she pursues her musical career against what other people think will make them happy–her mother’s wishes, for example, or even those around here who never believed in singers like themselves and thought they would amount to nothing more than custodians of maintenance worker jobs with low salaries.

But despite all these setbacks, on top of being personally reconnected by fate when meeting up again after years apart: first time both were able to save enough money needed to enter the dog show together, the second chance encounter turned out into an emotional moment between father+daughter.  

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Christmas Lost and Found (2018)   

Movie Summary:

As we are exploring Lifetime Christmas movies. When event planner Elle throws out her grandmother’s Christmas ornaments in a panic. She doesn’t know where they are and starts to put the pieces together after she finds one ornament left on top of an old tree stump by itself with no explanation as to what could have happened since it was last seen celebrating Christmas Eve amongst its usual decorations before being eradicated from view just days ago–the day prior when everything changed forever.  

All About Christmas Eve (2012)

Movie Summary: 

For Evelyn Wright, it’s all about the season. Literally! She is a party planner in New York City. Then, at the last minute, she finds out that one of her agency’s top clients has decided to throw an event on Christmas Eve – which will be landing right when they are supposed to go away for their romantic vacation together with boyfriend Darren. Will this change things up? Or risk everything by taking both jobs so close together?!  

Love at the Christmas Table (2012)   

Movie Summary:

The Love at the Christmas Table (2012) is a film about two people who had been friends since they were toddlers and how one of them realized that he loved her while spending time with his best friend over this past holiday season.

Sam was afraid to let go of what was in front of him because it would mean breaking free from their connection, but after realizing Katherine means more than anything else on earth–he found out all too late she already had plans for marriage.  

Sams soon finds himself unable to live without her, yet destiny steps up its game in another instance!  

How many Lifetime Christmas movies have been released?

There’s an excellent chance you’re not aware of all the wonderful ones that have already been released. 88 in total, but before we can get excited about this new season on TV with so many Christmases past to watch and rank (we’ll be doing it live!), let me show you where some old favorites will take up residence for your viewing pleasure—the treasure trove known as The Lifetime Movie Network!


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