Why did Nina Heisser point a gun at Earl Thomas’s head?

Nina Heisser has been trending among NFL fans after she pointed a gun at his husband. Many NFL fans and other people are also curious about this incident and the notorious Nina Heisser. 

You must be wondering who Nina Heiser is and what’s her relationship with Earl Thomas. Or why Nina Thomas pointed a gun at Earl Thomas’s head? You will find the answer to all these questions and many other interesting things in this blog, keep on reading. 

Profile Summary

Full NameNina Heisser Thomas 
NicknameNina Heisser 
Date of BirthOctober 9, 1989
Age33 years old
Nationality American 
Birth PlaceOrange, Texas, United States 
Famous ForBeing the wife of Earl Thomas 
ProfessionBusinesswoman and Entrepreneur
Education Graduated
High SchoolLocal School
University Will be updated 
FatherTroy Heisser 
Mother Annita Baham 
Father-in-lawEarly Thomas Jr. 
Mother-in-law Debbie Thomas 
Siblings 1 sister (Kayla Michelle ), 1 brother ( Ryan Heisser)
Zodiac Libra 
Orientation Straight 
Height Will be updated 
WeightWill be updated 
Eye Colour Black
Hair ColourBlack
Martial StatusMarried
Boyfriend/ Spouse Earl Thomas
Net Worth $9
Social Media Instagram @msninathomas
Children 3Kaleigh Rose Thomas (daughter)Kamila Thomas (daughter)Vee Thomas (son)
CompanyCAPTIVATE; clothing company 

Who is Nina Heisser?

Nina Heisser (born October 9, 1989, in Orange, Texas, United States) is a 33 years old gorgeous woman of mixed ethnicity. She belongs to a high-class family and had a career of her own as a model and work for various fashion shows. She launched her clothing store ‘CAPTIVATE’ and runs the clothing company herself. She’s a businesswoman as well as an entrepreneur. 

Nina Heisser’s Biography and Wiki

Nina landed on the Earth in the chilly month of October (9 October 1989) in her hometown in Missouri, United States. She lived a healthy and prosperous life as her father was an accomplished businessman. Her father is Troy Heisser while her mother is Annita Baham. She has two siblings, one brother Ryan Heisser and one sister Kayla Michelle Baham Heisser. Both of her siblings have established careers. 

Nina went to West Orange-Stark High School. After completing high school, she opted for a community college in Austin to pursue her passion for designing. 

Professional Career

Nina Heisser worked in a Fashion Studio after completing her graduation. It is speculated that she had also done modelling. She promotes various Fashion brands on her social media and also walked in numerous fashion shows. When she got the necessary expertise in the field, she started her own company that sells clothing items and is associated with Charity Washington.

Whereas, his husband Thomas is a notable player in the football league of America. He had played various matches. Presently, he isn’t playing in the National Football team of America, but he hasn’t retired from the team as well. 

What’s Nina Heisser’s relationship with Earl Thomas?

Nina and Thomas were high school sweethearts. They went to the same high school and thus met each other in a Spanish class

Nina and Thomas were high school sweethearts. They went to the same high school and thus met each other in a Spanish class. The spark of love didn’t ignite at their first encounter. But they spent several years hanging out with their pals. In 2015, Thomas proposed to Nina during his annual youth football camp. 

Nina accepted Earl’s proposal without any dilly-dallying. They spent a year going on dates and spending time together. At last, in 2016, they decided that they wanted to get married and commenced a grand wedding inspired by Versailles (Versailles is a historical French fictional drama released in 2015 featuring an alluring plot and beautiful cinematography).

On their wedding day, Earl was spotted wearing a diamond-encrusted crown along with an imperial robe. Whereas Nina was wearing a breathtaking white gaon. Both were overjoyed on this day and uploaded many photos of this joyous event. Both represented themselves the best; Earl impersonated an Emperor whereas Nina prevailed as her Queen. 

What went wrong with their relationship?

Everything was going smoothly but you must be thinking about what went wrong in their relationship. Thomas even praised her on social media at various moments. They celebrated Nina’s birthday on 8 October 2020 as well. He put the caption on her pic ‘I love you wife’. 

After several months, the media was haphazard with blogs and news about them. Everyone was shocked at what happened to this happy couple. NFL fans were shocked that they were divorcing without showing any signs of reconciliation. 

Why did Nina Heisser point the firearm at Earl Thomas?

Why did Nina Heisser point the firearm at Earl Thomas?

The incident happened when Earl and Nina had a dispute about Earl’s drinking. He left home after the conflict with his wife. He forgot to take his phone and Nina scrolled through his phone just out of habit. She found a video on Thomas’ Snapchat account. There she saw a woman with his husband. 

It drove her anxious and she looked for the whereabouts of his husband. She used the app to find the location and proceeded to Airbnb. When she reached the residence, she witnessed Thomas and his brother Seth Thomas on the bed with another woman at 1 AM. She didn’t go alone but with her friend Camisha Garlow and her sister Kayla Baham Heisser. Nina Heisser had a gun in her hand and pointed it at the head of her husband Thomas. Her hands were on the trigger. 

Later, they were seen in the alleyway with the gun and police arrested them. Nina was charged with domestic abuse, using firearms and assault. She told the police that she meant no harm, she just wanted to scare her husband. And also added that the gun didn’t have a magazine. She removed it before pointing it at her husband and her friends verified it. But she was unaware of the fact that there was a bullet in the chamber. 

Later, Nina accused Thomas of filing charges of infidelity and demanded a divorce. She was totally against reconciliation. Whereas, Thomas acknowledged that he was seeing another woman for three to four months.  He also asked his admirers to pray for his family rather than discussing it, as it happens in the lives of couples. 

Is Nina Heisser in prison? 

No, she isn’t in prison but she was arrested after the incident as she was charged with a first-hand burglary and murder attempt with a destructive weapon. On the same day, she was released on 25,000 Dollars bail. Her accomplice, Camisha Garlow was charged with 15,000 bonds while her sister Kayla Baham was charged with a 1,00,000 Dollars bond. Their lawyer exclaimed that they were ‘wrongfully arrested.

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Does Nina Heisser have kids?

Yes, Nina Heisser is the mother of three cuties. Two daughters, Kaleigh and Kamila and a son, Vee. The couple had their first baby before their marriage. Kaleigh is the eldest child of Thomas Earl and Nina Heisser. She was born on September 24, 2012. In 2022, Kaleigh is 10 years old. 

Their second daughter, Kamila was born on November 21, 2017. In 2022, Kamila will be five years old. After one year, the couple had another cute little newborn, Vee. To be exact, Vee was born on December 6, 2018. He will be four years old this December. 

Nina and Earl Love their kids a lot. They’re the apple of their eyes. Nina has many times expressed how proud and happy she’s after having the kids. She had posted various photographs of her heart’s lilies on her social media accounts. 

Net Worth 

Nina has never disclosed her net worth or earnings. Hence, there’s no absolute value of her wealth or net worth. But she lives a rather luxurious and successful life. It’s estimated that Nina Heisser’s net worth is over $9 million in 2022 from her self-owned company and her job at the Fashion Studio.

Social Media 

Nina has an Instagram account @msninathomas with 33.9k followers. She mostly posts pictures with her family. Sometimes, she also posts her photographs flaunting her luxurious wardrobe items. Along with Thomas, she was on the main page of every magazine and newspaper after her controversial incident which added to her fame. 

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