Sandra Bullock is gonna tie the knot with Byran Randall

The country’s princess is finally thinking of marrying soon. Wedding bells would be jingling and lores of love would blossom again. Sandra Bullock, 53, is going to walk down the aisle with Byran Randall, 51.

They are reportedly planning for marriage after their 7 years long relationship. The marriage wouldn’t be open to the media. Rather, Sandara is planning something small and casual. It’s revealed by Hollywood Life that Sandara is planning to hold her matrimony at her Wyoming home and she would just invite her close relatives and friends.

She is planning to enjoy barbecue, wine and country music with them. Their marriage ceremony seems to be of Sandara’s style. Thinking about it just brings laughter and comfort. Let’s take a tour of the couple’s love story and recent updates about them. 

How did the couple first meet 

Handsome Byran Randall and gorgeous Sandara met in 2015 at her son’s Louis birthday party. She hired him as a photographer after her friend introduced him to her. Was it love at first sight? It’s not hard to say that. In the same year, they started dating. They went onto casual dates, road trips, long drives and double dates. They have appeared at different locations together. 

Bullock took Byran Randall with her to Aniston and Theroux’s nuptials.  Later they were spotted in Los Angeles. In September 2015, the lovebirds moved into a house concurrently. Hence, confirming the rumours about their dating. 

First official Debut of Sandara and Randall 

The pair made their first official appearance on the red carpet of Our Brand is Crisis’s premiere. 

First official social media post

The duo made their first official social media post in December 2018 on Randall’s birthday. Randall took to Instagram and posted a pic of Sandara with a cake. The caption read, “Thank You for an incredible birthday.” So far, the couple has been enjoying their time doing things that make them happy. 

Sandra Bullock’s Dating life 

Sandy has dated various men. Most of them are her co-stars. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she had got a unique taste in men. Her dating life was brimming at a time. But now, she’s committed to only one man, Byran Randall. 

Tate Donovan, Troy Aikman, Don Padilla, Mathew McConaughey, Bob Schneider, and Ryan Gosling are some of the actress’s boyfriends or rumoured boyfriends that weren’t certified by her or her partners.

Is Sandra married

Yes, Sandra got married to an auto mechanic in 2005. Her spouse Jesse James was also a TV personality. But Sandy got divorced in 2010 after James’ infidelity was made public. He had affairs with various women. This broke Sandy’s heart and she also got trust issues after that. But finally, she found the man of her life in 2015, Byran Randall. 

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Red Table Talk Series

Oscar-winning actress Sandra attended the show for her movie Unforgivable. She talked there about different things and among them was her partner. She said, “He has been very patient with me all the time….

He has evolved on a level that’s not human.” She told them that she talked to him, “You remember that NDA you signed when you photographed my son?” After that, she said to him that she would adopt another child from foster care. He was scared but still supported her decision, Bullock told the hosts.

She also indicted how caring he is to her and her children, “Right human being to be there to help me. He’s the example that I would want my children to have.”

Byran and Sandra are parents

Sandra has two little cute babies, Laila Bullock (10) and Louis Barda Bullock (12). She has talked about them various times about how thoughtful, smart and sensitive they are. She always praises them. These two star kids are in the shadow of Hollywood stardom all thanks to their supermom.

She keeps her private life out of the camera’s reach as much as she can. So, her children would enjoy a normal life without any pressure. She even took a break from her acting career to babysit her children. She wanted to make memories with them and watch their faces instead of the camera. Her children have a stepdad too and Sandy has a co-partner, Byran. They both play with their kids and love them. 

Who’s Byran Randall 

Everyone is curious about Byran Randall. He’s handsome as well as a gentleman. Fair looks mask a kind heart would be a perfect saying for Randall. 

Bryan Randall Photography

Byran is a photographer. He mainly takes on projects like children’s portraits and outdoor activities. He’s an LA-based photojournalist. If you are looking for a photographer for outdoor activities and could afford the price. Then, hitching his company wouldn’t be foolish.

He has also worked as a fashion model for some big names like Vogue Paris, Hogo Boss, Harper Bazar and Saint Laurent. 

Randall Dating life

Just like Randall wasn’t new to showbiz. Likewise, Sandy wasn’t his first girlfriend from Hollywood. He had dated many actresses before like Paris St. John. 

Both Sandy and Byran love to keep their private life out of the media. Therefore, not much is known about Byran’s dating life. 

Is Byran Married

No, Byran is not married yet but he has shown his desire to marry Sandra. They both talked things out and soon we will have good news. 

Byran has a daughter

Byran Randall has a daughter. Skylar Staten Randall is the grown-up daughter of Byran. Both have a good relationship but nothing more is known about their bond. But knowing how great of a man Byran Randall is, it wouldn’t be wrong to think they would also have a sweet and deep bond. 

Recent news about Byran Randall and Sandra Bullock 

Collectively, the duo has three children but that isn’t enough for them. Hence, Sandy is going to adopt another little girl. Soon, their family would be increasing. Fans and spectators alike are waiting to see this little new kid. Apart from that, we are also eager to see Sandra and Randall tie knots ending their 7-year boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and starting a new one. 

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