xResolver Usage and its Best Alternatives in 2022

Every pro-gamer knows about xResolver. It’s ok if you have just heard about it. It’s better late than never. xResolver is a dubious website that stores the IP addresses of gamers. The ‘x’ in xResolver is known for the Xbox console. Hence, it’s a Resolver Xbox. But worry not, it works fine for all types of consoles. Therefore, it’s known as Resolver Xbox and PlayStation resolver.

This much would be enough for you to understand what xResolver is, let’s go deep into this controversial site. 

What is an xResolver Xbox?

xResolver is a trending online assistance website that records IP addresses and Gamertags of the online players using Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. This site is specially designed for gamers who are passionate about online games and play for hours.

Players with sturdy and well-equipped accounts often are at risk of being hacked. xResolver is particularly made for such players who want to protect their accounts from hackers and play online games peacefully. 

How to use a Resolver Xbox?

Using it isn’t hard. Follow the manual given below.

  • Open the xResolver website through Google or any other web pages. 
  • Tap on the xResolver or PS4 Resolver. 
  • Type your Xbox Gamertag in the box and then convert it into your IP address. 
  • Similarly, put your IP address and convert it into an Xbox Gamertag. 
  • After all, this is done, click on Resolve.

The method is similar for PlayStation as well. Repeat the same steps in order. 

How does xResolver work?

Resolver Xbox preserves the IP addresses and Gamertags of the gamers from hackers. Its primary goal is to convert usernames into IP addresses or convert IP addresses into usernames. To make your account secure, there are certain things that you would need to provide to xResolver. Resolver Xbox makes use of bots for scraping data which includes the username, IP address, and ISP address.

When a player makes an account in any of the online games, he has been given a username. Whereas to play online games, we need to connect with the internet. Connecting with the internet needs an IP address. If someone with bad intentions gets their hand on your username and IP address and they also have the basic know-how about hacking.

It could prove lethal for you. They could target you in the games, make your internet connection slow or disconnect you from different domains or kick you out of certain fields or do DDOS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks. You could also lose your hard-earned diamonds, gemstones, money, equipment, or other resources. 

Detail of functions in xResolver

Geological location 

Xresolver Usage and its Best Alternatives

By using Resolver Xbox, you can look for the geolocation of your opponent. It’s one of the primary pieces of info regarding a player’s IP address. This is what makes this site tricky. Anyone with bad intentions can look up your profile. 

IP logger 

Xresolver Usage and its Best Alternatives

IP logger helps anyone using xResolver to generate customized links and then send them to others. It also aids in detecting incognito mode. If you send customized links to other people, you can grab the IP address of your targets. These links also assist you in getting locations and other info related to the browsers. 

Gamertag Resolver 

Resolver Xbox assists you get the PSN username through its vast and functional artificial intelligence rather than through bots. This makes it a lot easier for online game players to search for addresses. They don’t have to look for IP or PSN addresses on the internet.  

User friendly 

Finding the IP addresses or gamer tags is a piece of cake on this site. You can find it in a few minutes and avoid all the labour you would have to do if you don’t have access to it. 


 This feature is purchasable. For the blacklisting of personal IP addresses, you have to purchase the blacklisting feature of this site. It enables you to hide your IP addresses, location, and other personal information. Hackers and other AI-savvy users can’t get their hands on your personal information. 

  • Go to the xResolver webpage and enter your Gamertag.
  • It’ll give you an IP address.
  • Copy the IP address.
  • Open Octosniff in the other tab.
  • You can blacklist yourself only if you have purchased 500 points.
  • When you’ll finish the purchase, you’ll see a key in the message box.
  • Copy the Resolver Xbox IP address. 
  • After that, you have to redeem the license.
  • Plus, add the key to the points section and claim them. 
  • Search for the blacklist option and put your IP address. 
  • Choose a username of your choice and enter it.
  • Go back and enter your IP address and prove your authentication. All done!

Xresolver Alternatives


Xresolver Usage and its Best Alternatives

Octosniff is the best alternative for IP sniffing. It’s user-friendly with 24/7 support from the website. It can be easily installed and Octosniff provides you with various tutorials for easy access and usage. It’s free from any kind of virus. It also has two types of packets for identifying game servers and Xbox chats of online game players. It’s one of its best features. 

Xbox Booter 

Xresolver Usage and its Best Alternatives

It’s the ultimatum for Xbox gamers for pulling IP addresses and IP brothers of the Xbox console. It’s in its own league in grabbing the IP of your opponent or ally gamers. No matter where you play online games, its durable layer 4 and layer 7 can sniff IP addresses and attack gamers to kick them out offline. 

PS4 Booter

Xresolver Usage and its Best Alternatives

PS4 Booter aids you in booting offline while gaming on the PS4 console. If you don’t want to be kicked out,  make sure to use a good-quality VPN and secure your gaming life. 

Using these websites makes life convenient and also acts as a shield to protect your gaming life. xResolver is a double-edged sword. One can’t always rely on websites. It’s best to develop a healthy gaming life.

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