How to Convert 20cm to Inches

If you aren’t used to doing so, it can be unclear to transition between different measuring systems. Converting between millimeters and inches is a common source of confusion. Once you know what you’re doing, though, it’s a breeze. We’ll show you how to do the math to go from 20cm to inches.


Before we get into the nitty-gritty of converting 20cm to inches, let’s quickly review the fundamentals of the two measurement systems. All around the world, people are measuring things in meters, centimeters, and millimeters thanks to the metric system. Inches, feet, and yards are all part of the imperial system widely used in the United States.

Despite their similarities, their differences complicate the necessity to convert between the two systems. Let’s begin the process of converting 20cm to inches.

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The 20cm to inches Conversion

A simple formula is one of several options for converting 20 centimeters to inches. Divide the number of centimeters by 2.54 to get the equivalent in inches. Since one inch is equal to 2.54 cm, this is the result.

The following is the formula you apply when converting 20cm to inches:

20 cm/2.54 = 7.87 Inches

To convert 20 centimeters to inches, divide the centimeter value by 2.54; the resulting number is 7.87 inches.

Helpful Hints for Converting Measurements

Switching between different measurement units can be complicated, but there are ways to simplify it. Some important things that need to remember are listed below.

  • Employ a table of equivalents:

 Having a conversion chart on hand can be helpful if you need to convert many different units of measurement. These are widely available in books and online resources that discuss the metric and imperial systems.

  • Round the nearest decimal place :

 You may not require a precise conversion, depending on your intended use. It is OK to round to the nearest decimal point in such situations.

  • Verify your math twice:

 If you’re converting between systems, verify your work more than once to be sure you have made a good decision.


Some common concerns regarding the centimeter-to-inch conversion are addressed below.

For what reason must we switch scales?

It is crucial to convert between different measuring systems if you need to work with people from other regions, as different countries and industries use different methods.

Is there a quick trick for keeping in mind the centimeters-to-inches conversion?

You can recall the preceding formula: divide the total centimeters by 2.54.

When converting centimeters to inches, may I use a calculator?

A calculator may be used, but proper formula entry is essential.

How close to the actual size are the inches when converted from centimeters?

The conversion is exact, but you should use the correct method and round appropriately if necessary.

I need to convert centimeters to inches; do any websites offer such services?

There are several converters available online, yes. Please verify the accuracy of the results by checking them against the original calculations.

Can inches be changed to centimeters?

Using the same method, inches can be converted to centimeters. Simply

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