Why Machine Gun Kelly got addicted to drugs?! 

The famous American Rapper Machine Gun Kelly is popular due to his outstanding music albums and his attractive features have captivated women’s hearts from all over the world.  

Age & Birthplace 

Machine Gun Kelly was born on April 22nd, 1990, in Houston, Texas, United States.  

He’s 32 years old by 2022. His constellation sign is Taurus.  

His real name is Richard Colson Baker, Machine Gun Kelly is the stage name given to him by his fans. 

MGK holds American nationality and belongs to the White race. 

He descends from Norwegian descent from his mum’s side, while from his father’s side, he descends from American ancestry. 

Early Life 

After being born in US his family never settled as MGK’s family used to move a lot from one place to another and didn’t settle for quite a while as they moved from Egypt to Germany and US. Finally, they settled at last in Denver, but his mother left his father at that time which really disappointed his father as he was already upset due to unemployment and depression.   

At the same time, he was also bullied by his classmates at school. When he started studying at Hamilton Middle school, he got his interest in rap music when he was really young and just in 6th grade.  

When his studies proceed and he joined Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School, his father left him with his aunt and joined the military. He felt abandoned and got addicted to drugs and recorded his first tape during that time ‘Stamp of Approval. 

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Physical Stats 

The Popular rapper stands at 6’4”, a relatively taller height, and weighs around 76kg, which goes perfectly well with his towering height. MGK got a slim build with tattoos all over his body.  

Machine Gun Kelly possesses piercing blue eyes and naturally brown hair which he has dyed blonde. He looks attractive and got a huge female fan following.  


MGK attended Hamilton Middle School and afterward enrolled at Denver’s Thomas Jefferson High School. When he was studying at High school, he got addicted to drugs. Same as that time, he recorded his first demo tape, ‘Stamp of Approval. Later on, he continued his studies at Shaker Heights High School, where his music career got a kick-start.   


As Kelly initiated his career when he was in high school, but he gained fame in 2011, when he was popular for his lyrics deliverance at Machine Gun speed. Prior to that, he was all over the media for having a chance to have an amateur night at Harlem’s Apollo as a pioneer rapper.  

Afterward, MGK started to release his own mixtapes including ‘Lace Up’, ‘Rage Pack’ and ‘100 Words and Running’. Thar was the time when he met Sean Comb, which brought a huge change in his career life.  

Comb signed him up for the ‘Bad Boy Imprint’, and he was brought out by the aid of Sean Comb his solo ‘Wild Boy’. In this particular track, Waka Flocka Flame was invited as a guest.  

His first album ‘Lace-Up’ was released in 2012 and gained huge fame. 

In 2013, he released his next mixtape The Black Flag’ Where various other artists performed naming Pusha T, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana,  Meek Mill, and Kellin Quinn. 

Then, in 2015, he brought out another venture ‘General Admission. The music album got huge popularity and resultantly MGK got popular all over the world for his exceptional talent.  


Machine Gun Kelly is quite young but still has gained so many achievements till now and has earned two exceptional awards.  

  • In 2012, he won MTV Europe music awards for Best US act. 
  • In 2022, just recently he gained the Radio Disney Music award for Best Music for ‘Bad Things. 


Besides his thriving achievements, Machine Gun Kelly has a long history of dating women, all of them were either models or Television celebrities. 

In 2013, he used to have a ‘Friends with Benefits’ kind of companionship with Rachel Starr, who happens to be an adult movie star. She performed a bold act on him when he was performing at Monroe Club in front of the audience. The couple recorded numerous bold tapes with each other.  

In 2015, Kelly had a fling with model and TV actress Amber Rose which lasted for just three months as he struggled with the hype that he had gotten by dating Amber Rose. 

In 2018, when Halsey parted way with G-Eazy, she partied with Kelly which happen to be an unexpected and temporary relationship. 

He also dated Emma Cannon, who is not a famous celebrity and always has remained under the covers, with whom he has a daughter who was conceived when he was just 18 years old guy. 

So,in July 2019, he started dating Chantel Jeffries who happens to be a YouTube personality, actress, model, and record producer, but their chemistry didn’t work out so they separated in December 2919, just after a few months. 

Moreover,iIn February 2020, there were rumors that he is dating Summer Ray, who accused him of cheating on her in March 2021. 

Similarly, in June 2020, he and Megan Fox disclosed their relationship to the public. They met on the set up of a movie named ‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’. They have debuted in various music awards. The couple got engaged in January 2022 and are in a relationship ever since.  

Machine Gun Kelly’s Daughter 

His daughter named, Casie Colson was born in 2009 and is 13 years old by 2022.  

His father appreciates keeping her out of the limelight but it’s obvious that he spends quality time with her, they were spotted once in Los Angeles. 

On June 2021, he posted her picture on his social media where he was wearing a pink colored ‘Dad’ crown.  

Casie also accompanied her father to a music award in 2021, where the father-daughter duo was pulling off all-black ensemble, and during the same year, they shared their Sunday outing. 


The huge scandal Machine Gun Kelly ever has been involved in is his drug addiction. He started drugs to get rid of his homelessness. He attended a rehab center to fight off this addiction, he even attempted suicide once. But he got over his addiction after his short regress in 2012.  

Net worth 

His scandals didn’t backslide his popularity,  as his outstanding talent, he hasn’t earned just fame and awards but huge money as well. He earned $178,000 from his first album. Right now, by 2022, his earnings is estimated to be $10M.  

FAQs on Machine Gun Kelly 

How old is Machine Gun Kelly? 

He is 32 years old, as he was born on April 22nd, 1990 in Texas, United States. 

Who is Machine Gun Kelly? 

He is an American rapper who has released a number of music albums and is popular in the music industry and among his fans.  

How tall is Machine Gun Kelly? 

He is 6’4”, he got a relatively attractive height and a handsome slim build with many tattoos. 

With whom is Machine Gun Kelly dating? 

He is dating the popular Megan Fox, the couple has engaged in 2021 and planned to live a happy life together in the future.  

Who is Machine Gun Kelly’s daughter? 

His daughter name is Casie Colson, who is 13 years old, whom he loves dearly.  

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