The exciting journey of Mary Jane Shoes till now! 

The Popular yet traditional Mary Jane shoes have been in trend since we can remember and still haven’t lost their hype. Let’s look into its history to know its details!  

Mary Jane shoes 

Mary Jane shoes also go with several other names i.e., doll shoes and bar shoes. It had American origin and refers to the closed low-cut shoes with either one or in a few show styles more straps over the instep.  

It was once known as a registered trademark. Traditional Mary Jane specific to children were made from either patent leather or black leather. 

These shoes could be worn with any dress code including, tights, pantyhose, stockings, socks, or with bare legs.  and you can style it in several ways without being awkward 


In the early 20th century, they were originally preferred by children of both genders. The show got its name from a fictional character named Mary Jane, which was invented by a shoe company in the early 20s. The fictional character starred to go with a boy’s brand named Buster Brown. 

In the early 20th century, they were originally preferred by children of both genders

In the early 1930s, Mary Jane was implied with young girls as boys start to pull off oxfords. 

Boys used to wear Mary Jane shoes with socks that reach to the knees, while girls used to prefer wearing them with socks or pantyhose, although it was used to be worn alone as well. 

In the 1940s, these shoes become popular in Europe, America, and surrounding regions. As they become hyped, the shoes become the preferred option for women of all age groups.  

In the present time, Mary Jane still haven’t left behind their typical manufacturing of single straight across the instep. 

Although contemporary styles could be found, but those are usually specified for semi-formal occasions or school uniforms of children. 

Orthopedic Mary Jane also has been designed for daily wear for children regardless of their gender. 

Throughout entire history, Mary Jane shoes were typically worn by literally everyone in their childhood, specifically girls.  

Manufacturing; Material used 

Typical Mary Jane were manufactured from either black leather or patent leather which provides them with a sleek appearance.  

The top of shoes are usually simple, but stylish, or in some cases, if being designed for girls, the floral holes are punctured either on the strap or seam to give an edgy and stylish look.  

But now, there have been amendments in design, as they could be manufactured with suede, cotton, and other long-lasting and sturdy materials.  

Although, the sole of shoes could be manufactured as per the usage. As smooth leather could be used, if the user is looking for tap dancing Mary Jane, then the sole must be made of either metal or rubber for greater traction resistance.  

The hype of Mary Jane Shoes  

Mary Jane Shoes has stayed for centuries in the girl’s wardrobe due to its contemporary yet traditional styles.  

Originally, these were portrayed as girl’s shoes in a comic strip, but in a short time, it starts to weave their way into runaways in Fashion Week and were foregrounded by fashion icons and stylists. 

The interesting thing about such shoes is that its constantly evolving with latest designs and could be featured in literally every design, but the strap across the foot design has still retained regardless of its modification.  

No matter what your fashion tastes are, you will most definitely own a pair of Mary Jane if not you are probably looking to add one in your closet. 

Mary Jane shoes trend & Styles 

Originally, these shoes were specifically for children, but with the passage of time it found its way into adult women’s fashion and eventually wardrobes as well. 

The shoes reserved for adults have usually 1 to 2 and ½ inches heels, which could either be chunky or curved inwards. Chunky will be 1-2 inches long and wide.  

Typical styles  

Mary Jane mules: These have taken the place of round broad toe capped Mary Jane, by being designed as pointed, stylish toe cap. They are usually worn with professional suit, but it has its drawback that it gives less support and is not comfortable. 

Mary Jane heels: These are described as inflated block heel. Few heels will be slightly curved.  

Mary Jane clogs: These are an excellent style of pulling off Mary Jane shoe but with more support and comfort. These are popular among nurses and people who have prolonged duty by standing on foot. The crocs are more durable and breathable.  

Hype in Pop culture 

Mary Jane shoes have been exhibited in Los Angeles in the Academy Museum. 

The legendary Shirly temple has portrayed Mary Jane while tap dancing.  

In early 2000s, these shoes become popular in Europe, United States. After that, it become popular in North America, these shoes portrays inflated heels with various materials and options. It’s popularity got its potential in the Lolita fashion underground and punk scene. 

Although the trend was not long-term but still it has timelessness value. Prince William’s daughter, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge has been seen wearing Mary Jane shoes on various occasions.  

How to carry Mary Jane Shoes? 

The feasibility with wearing Mary Jane shoes is that you can pull off with literally anything. You can style them with shorts, trousers, leggings, miniskirts, long skirts, maxi, dresses, etc.  

It may appear a bit youthful but absolutely fashionable.  

FAQs on Mary Jane Shoes 

What are they called Mary Jane shoes? 

They have been named after a cartoon character Brown Buster’s sweetheart Maryc Jane.  

Who designed Mary Jane shoes? 

It has been designed by a brown shoe company of Missouri, specifically for children by using black or patent leather. 

Are Mary Jane shoes still in trend? 

Yes, it is still featured in various fashion magazines. 

Are Mary Jane shoes formal? 

Although, they are mostly associated with formal attire but could be worn with literally anything.  

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