What makes Balayage most versatile?

Since the last decade, balayage has become popular and one of the most in-demand services at salons.  

This dyeing technique pretty much works on every hair type except crop short hair suits everybody and doesn’t demand high maintenance and monthly root touch-ups. It could be created in several ways.  


The balayage is a hair dyeing practice fancied by women population all over the world. 

In this, a small portion of hair is taken by hand, and by using a brush/paddle board, either a lightener or a relatively lighter color is streaked over the hair. 

It gives off naturalistic highlights, soft on the roots, while lighter at the ends. 

It first became popular in Paris as ‘Balayage à Coton’, as the stylists used cotton stripes to separate color strands once they were done with them.  


Balayage became popular in the 90s specifically in the USA, but there was never been the hype of it like it is now.  

Almost all the dyeing techniques, use some type of balayage so that says about its drift.   


The balayage procedure usually takes 2-4 hours for its completion, but as everyone has different hair Kenneth so it varies from person to person. Different color stylists will have their way to apply this dyeing technique, but usually, the steps are followed:  

  • Initially, you will have to consult with a reputable colorist/stylist about what you have in mind and what is possible to be achieved on your hair.  
  • Once, you have made up your mind, the color will be applied to your hair with either a brush or by using your hands after properly sectioning the hair. Foil paper or typical cotton wool could be used to keep sections distinguished. 
  • The hair color is allowed to rest for about 30-40 minutes so that the color will be properly developed. 
  • After the color development, the hair is washed, shampooed, conditioned, and analyzed by the colorist whether you are hood to go or not.  
  • Now, the toner is applied to attain your desired shade, it is dependent upon your perfect shade, so it varies. 
  • After all these steps, hair is blow-dried and styled. 

Merits & Demerits 


  1. Balayage has another name ‘facelift’ as it is chosen according to a person’s face, it gives contour and frame to her features by custom blended color, so it provides individuality.   
  1. It is comparatively less damaging than other dyeing techniques which use heat. 
  1. It suits all hair lengths, hair textures, and definitely all age groups.  
  1. You won’t have to worry about monthly salon visits, as roots are not quite prominent when hair grows out.  


  1. It just blends gray hair into various hairstyles, but doesn’t cover them. 
  1. Although, gray hair and balayage complement each other monthly appointments with the colorist will be necessary.  
  1. Root tint before balayage will be a must if you have gray hair, every 4-6 weeks you will go to the salon for root retouch. 

Balayage in contrast to Highlights 

‘Highlights’ generally refer to hair strands that are lighter than the base color, comparatively, lowlights are darker strands of hair. 

  • Typical highlights have a prominent stripy look and a noticeable hair regrowth line.  
  • Foils and a highlighting cap are used during the application.  
  • They are applied from roots to the ends of the hair so they make the roots more defined and while moving towards the ends of hair, the color is usually diffused. 

In contrast to traditional highlights, Balayage is a technique of Highlights.  

  • In this, streaks are placed quite strategically of the lighter shade from which darker shades can be seen. 
  • Besides that, it is a surface technique which means it could be applied only to the upper section of hair. 
  • The roots of balayage are more diffused than the ends of hair.  

Balayage in contrast to Ombre 

‘Ombre’ refers to hair shaded from darker to lighter tones.  

  • In Ombre, the color starts at the end of the roots. 
  • The ends of the hair are extremely lightened as the whole strand is bleached which gives quite a solid finish touch.  

‘Balayage’ gives a lighter tone with softness, and offers lightness with a softer, more blended look.  

  • The technique insinuates what the hair will look like under the sun, so there’s no striping or harsh colored strands. 
  • The hair which is dyed in balayage bent up upward into the hair.  

Effect on darker hair 

  • The darker the hair, the more time it will take to achieve a relatively lighter tone.  
  • So, multiple sessions will be required for the desired result. 
  • Although, blonde shades look attractive people with darker hair should opt for caramel or auburn shades as they will look more natural.  

Effect on lighter hair 

  • People with naturally lighter hair are fortunate, as they don’t have to take multiple sessions to have a balayage effect. 
  • But still, it varies from how light the effect you are looking for. 
  • If you want to have platinum blonde balayage,  you will have to bleach your strands. 

Hair color options 

  • If you want to have a subtle and shiny look, then a chestnut brown balayage is what you are looking for, just apply a small amount of oil to your hair and your hair will be glittering.  
  • To pull off an ultra-cool modern and bold look, opting for silver hues on a raven-black black base color is best. 
  • To have voluminous natural curls, rich caramel, and brown-hued balayage is perfect. 
  • Burgundy and plum hues are blended with Raven base, provides to have a beautiful balayage. 
  • For the longer hair, the strands are colored with a sleek, brown hue which enhances the look, but remains subtle
  • The rooty caramel style, which requires low maintenance as the grown roots enhance its golden hour look. 
  • The romantic blurred blond look is achieved she the honey and golden hues are blended into cool brown-toned hair, which gives a relatively soft look. 
  • This look seems quite effortless, as it suggests a cloudy day on the beach look, and you are quite cozy. But this blond balayage requires some serious efforts. 
  • The Popular contrast of blond and dark brown gives quite dramatic vibes.  


Prices differ depending upon the stylist’s expertise and several other factors. 

  • The price is estimated to be $50-$350 and higher than that. 

If necessary don’t hesitate to pay 25-30%  more if you got a reputable and trained stylist as not everyone is trained to do balayage. 

Prices get higher if you have been given aftercare products, your hair was longer and you had the liberty of toning, glazing, or styling.  


  1. As for the balayage you don’t have to visit the salons every alternate month, but still, you can’t be negligent about the aftercare routine. 
  1. To maintain your hair fresh and nice looking, you must opt for a hydrating mask for your hair as you had gone through bleaching and other chemicals. 
  1. Intense hydrating mask gives shine and sleek essence to your hair, so it’s a must!! 
  1. It is usually suggested to opt for a purple toning shampoo as it levels the harsher tones which may come out during coloring. 
  1. Between 8-10 weeks, having a glossing refresher will give tonality conditioning to hair at the same time, sealing the cuticle layer of hair. Although, it has detrimental effects but gives beautiful results.  

FAQs on Balayage 

What is balayage? 

It is a hair dyeing technique that uses a lightener on a section of hair by using a brush. 

Is balayage damaging to your hair? 

It is less damaging than other dyeing techniques as it doesn’t use heat.  

Why balayage doesn’t suit cropped short hair? 

Well, the reason is self-explanatory is that the hair is pretty short and strands couldn’t merge into each other.  

How long does your balayage last? 

It could last for a year if you follow proper Aftercare. 

Does bleaching is necessary for balayage? 

As you will be giving a lightening effect to your hair, so bleaching is necessary. 

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