Is Gramho the best Instagram analyzer tool?

Are you having trouble analyzing your Instagram account? Gramho will make maintenance and exploring Instagram a piece of the cake.  If you have just heard about this free tool and want to know how this tool works? Then this blog is for you. 

Are you tired of spending hours inquiring about your Instagram details? It must be annoying to fiddle around. It’s evident that every app has a manual process to view details and it’s tiring to do so every day. 

With the innovation being launched in hundreds every day, humans’ work laid gas decreased greatly. Gramho plays a significant role in taking over the burden of busy bees. Gramho extracts and integrates public Instagram profiles through its advanced third-party tools. 

Having it would be a huge plus in your life. In this article, its uses, benefits, and alternatives will be discussed. Also, you could observe the comprehensive guide on ‘How to use Gramho?’

What are Gramho and its main features? 

Gramho is a profile analyzer of Instagram and non-Instagram accounts. One can find the likes on the posts, influential followers, and profiles with ease. Whether you’re curious about your followers, a celebrity, or a trending personality. This website makes it easy to research the profile without wasting a single Dollar. has another unique feature that allows you access to confidential information. All you need to do is put various usernames in the given tab. After entering the list of usernames, you’ll be able to observe certain things like; interactions, impressions, and posts among the various profiles.

Furthermore, it makes it easy to analyze the statistics. The statistics given by the Instagram app are quite general as compared to

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Benefits of Gramho

Benefits of Gramho

Personalized statistics 

As referred earlier, Gramho tools make it simple to analyze the statistics by giving out information about;

  • Average likes per post (Instagram doesn’t have this feature)
  • Account tariffs
  •  Time-lapse between posts
  • Comments per post 
  • Edit any part of the posts; text, hashtags, captions, and videos or images. 

All the above features are not set up on Instagram App. They only show the total or per-post likes it comments and skips the averages. Likewise, the time-lapse feature isn’t in the app as well for the recipient’s account. All the above features could be used to look over someone else profile.

Simple and time-saving 

One needs to spend quite a lot of time analyzing the insights of your favorite magazine or celebrity. But takes a few seconds and provides you with all the information exclusively. Plus, it could be accessed both on smartphones and PCs. 

100% free

Every feature and tool is free to use. No need to give any information regarding your wallet or credit cards. 

Edit photos and videos

Gramho camera is similar to any other camera of smartphones. But it comes with additional features and effects; stickers, texts, memes, and more to personalize your images. The app syncs with the storage services of active apps and one could also save edited photographs in Gallery.

One could share the pictures on any social media app from the website. Editing filters and features are also available on PCs. 

Predict followers and likes

It helps you in estimating the possible number of likes, followers, and comments your latest post will have in total.

Downloading stories, posts (images and videos)

This website also has a particular tool to download the pictures and videos of Reels, stories, and posts just by clicking on the download button.

Anonymously Gramho browsing

There’s a special feature of this website that could be termed a stalking feature. By entering any username or hashtag, one could analyze any profile’s followers, location, posts, and stories without giving out your cover. This feature has a downloading tool as well.

Analyze account 

One can analyze and compare their account insights with their competitor’s profile. This could be of help to content creators and business promoters. They could learn more about their rival’s profiles and put much effort to do better. 

How to use Gramho?

How to use Gramho?

Gramho is redirected to, use the updated URL to access the tools. Using it isn’t hard as it requires some simple instructions. Use the step-to-step guide given below to use it skillfully. 

  • Open Google
  • Type the name of the website
  • Click on to open the website 
  • Paste the desired hashtag or profile username to observe its insights. 
  • Click on the hashtag or profile you want to analyze after a list of profiles comes out. 
  • The statistics will appear at the top of the page after you click on one of them. 
  • Click on any post of your choice.
  • For downloading the pictures or videos, click on the download button. 
  • Tap on the icon with the blue arrow to watch the Instagram stories. 
  • You can download stories, videos, and photographs as you like. 

Why is Gramho the most popular among Instagram editors and users?

Why is Gramho the most popular among Instagram editors and users?

There are various social media editing apps and websites. But one of them is over the edge over the others. is the most popular among social media editors and users. It comes with more options and is simple to use. This makes it a more profitable and ideal website. 

15 Alternatives of Gramho 

  • Pickuki (Paid)
  • Dumper (Free)
  • StoriesIG (Free)
  • Pixvox (Free)
  • iZoomyou (Free)
  • In fact (Free)
  • InstaStories (Paid)
  • 4K Stogram (Paid)
  • Installer (App)
  • (Free)
  • Fullinsta (Free)
  • InstaXYZ (Free)
  • Qoob Stories (Paid)
  • Imagine (Free)
  • Glassagram (Paid)


Pickuki is an online platform for downloading and editing posts for social media.


  • Downloading photos and videos to Gallery.
  • Editing and improving the pictures
  • Directly posting.
  • Available on both mobile phones and PCs. 
  • No need for a login.


Dumpor is a free website with equivalent features to Gramho. 


  • Editing images and videos
  • Searching profiles 
  • Analyzing the account’s likes, comments, and followers.
  • Dumpor can download various posts. 
  • Search Instagram tags, places, and accounts by putting the desired name in the search box. 
  • Simple to use 
  • Anonymous Browsing 


StoriesIG is another best alternative to with some identical elements. 


  • One can download posts and stories; both videos and pictures.
  • Access private stories of IG accounts.
  • Free platform 
  • Doesn’t require the user to log in.
  • Anonymous Browsing 


Glassagram is the ideal spyware alternative with various distinct components.


  • Tracking software 
  • Anonymous Browsing 
  • Enables you to view your profile statistics through any account.
  • One could view private Instagram stories through Glassagram. 
  • Likes and other statistics could be viewed from different profiles. 
  • One could even look over the private accounts on Instagram.



Pixwox is another free website for IG users. 


  • Anonymously browsing posts, feeds, and videos.
  • 100 percent free
  • No login required
  • One could permit access to private accounts on Instagram.


Gramho is the best among its alternatives and competitors as it has a variety of features. Use Gramho, enjoy editing and browsing the insights, and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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