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As the world is evolving, humans and their daily routines are evolving as well. Likewise, IFVOD is a new technological advancement in our life. A few decades ago, people loved to watch series, TV shows, and movies on their televisions. 

In the last two decades, television was replaced by LED monitors after the invention of the internet. People commenced watching shows and dramas on computers, LCDs, or LEDs. Many sites started offering various packages (monthly and yearly) for the convenience of the viewers. 

Technology upgrading never ceased, hence, the advancement in the daily never ceased as well. From watching television on LCDs, now smartphones and smart apps have completely replaced television. Only traditional or classical like-minded people watch TV. 

What’s IFVOD?

IFVOD is a new streaming app with more than 4 million downloads.  This application has replaced TV, with other notable apps that are utilized for identical objectives (Netflix, Viki, iQIYI, Amazon Prime Video, Disney plus, Viu). Unlike many other applications, IFVOD is utilized to watch numerous dramas, movies, news, tv programs, and sports. 

IFVOD is primarily made for the Chinese audience but anyone can avail of this app and take benefits. The best perk of this app is that English subtitles are provided for all the videos for people who have any difficulty getting the language.  It can be used on all the present smart devices like; Tv, computer, tablet, laptop, and mobile phones. 

This app could be accessed anywhere and everywhere (without any restrictions or subscription fees). IFVOD was launched by the Chinese company iFeng in 2014. Have a wonderful time while breaking your hectic routine with your favorite TV shows.

IFVOD App Specs 

Category TV App
Developer iFeng
Version 2.3
PriceFree of cost 
Updated Latest (update date)

Features of the IFVOD app

  • High-resolution broadcast
  • Frequently refreshed content
  • An updated and vast library
  • All the shows that are ongoing on the cable get uploaded and subbed as soon as possible.
  • Straightforward and intuitive to use.
  • On-demand video programs, musical and video games shows are also available on it.
  • High-quality video streaming (with HD, 4kHD, and Full UHD video qualities). The quality of the video also depends upon the video resolution which could be changed in the settings. 
  • More than thousands of shows see available on the IFVOD app (including the Chinese ones). 
  • Above 900 TV channels are available on this application, there are some for everyone.
  • Every genre that is in trend is included in this video streaming app.
  • Language translation is also available in it, so feel free to watch your favorite shows without caring about the language barrier.
  • Downloading is also available on it, you can download videos in bulk and then watch them whenever you want without wifi on the internet. 
  • It also provides live news with entertainment; listen to the news channel of your liking on it.
  • The content is absolutely free on it, only a small number of things require subscription bundles. 
  • Both Android and iOS support this app. 

How to download the IFVOD app?

  • Open google.
  • Search for the IFVOD website.
  • Click on the download button.
  • A file will start downloading.
  • When the file is downloaded, open it from your downloads and click on it. 
  • It will start installing the app.
  • After some seconds or minutes (according to your internet speed), your app will be installed. 

How to download videos on IFVOD?

Downloading is a piece of the cake on this video streaming application. Follow the given instructions promptly;

  • Navigate the IFVOD app.
  • Hit the download button and continue to wait for your dearest video to be downloaded.
  • When the download file is finished, open the download files to review your video. 

How to use the IFVOD TV app?

Trouble not, using it is as simple as using any other app on the web and it’s available in the English Language as well (if you prefer any other language, you can change it in the settings. 

  • Make your account or log in with Google to keep a record of your history, watching lists, and reminders of your favorite programs. 
  • Watch dramas, live news, and TV shows if you have wifi or any other cellular connection.
  • Download your favorite series and movies to watch later.

How much is the subscription to IFVOD TV?

Most of the features are available to every user free of charge. But some features are categorized in the premium bundle, you need to buy them before using them. Unlike other applications, IFVOD charges only $5 for a whole month of unlimited video streaming and downloads which is quite inexpensive than other such platforms.

Benefits of the IFVOD app

  • The programs that are not accessible on cable, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, … are available on it. You don’t have to pay separately to various sites to watch different genres (sports, documentaries, movies, and news(. It’s one in all. 
  • This app is quite more reasonable than its alternatives. 
  • With a simple UI, it’s available in the globally renowned English Language.
  • Built-in DVR is also available in it, hence, no uncertainty about watching and downloading things without a disruption.
  • The greatest benefit that’s sought by everyone is watching the desired show or TV program without an ad. IFVOD is an ad-free application.  

Is IFVOD TV a Chinese app?

This app is popular among Chinese netizens to watch various online videos on different topics (genres).


  • Conventional
  • Easy to access
  • Free of cost (inexpensive)
  • Time-saving
  • Efficient 
  • Available on all types of smart devices


  • The potential cost of a subscription
  • Takes up a lot of time to follow different shows and movies.
  • Occasionally, video quality is subpar but it varies with the videos.

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Can I play various videos at once in the IFVOD TV app?

Yes, you can watch multiple videos at once but there’s a condition. You have to have a subscription (paying the creator $5 to avail of it). As a result, multiple people could use the screen on different devices to watch videos on the app and there will be no issues with playback when one screen videos are paused. 

Android-powered televisions (4 and higher), Android phones (4 and higher), Fire TV sticks, and Amazon Fire TV (4 and higher); all are utilized by this application. 

(Looking for inexpensive smartphones to use this application, fetch Android Go or Redemi 5A (built in China). Both smartphones could be bought in 4

$100 with 3 GB of ram and 16 GB of storage space to run the application). 

Best alternatives of IFVOD TV

The best alternative to be used as a replacement is this online video streaming software. 

  • Netflix 
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video


Netflix is one of the best alternatives for this app as it is also a movie and series streaming app with subtitles and audio available in various languages. 


  • Netflix has a larger download base.
  • High-quality videos
  • Have downloading option 
  • Easily accessible and conventional


  • Doesn’t have all types of genres.
  • Limited content 
  • Various premium subscription
  • No free content
  • The lowest subscription starts at $7.99.
  • Essentially only utilized by movie and dram enthusiasts.


Likewise, Hulu is also a video streaming app used globally.


  • High quality
  • Extensive library
  • Conventional
  • Institutive
  • Easily accessible 
  • Inexpensive ($5.99 subscription)


  • Limited content 
  • Doesn’t contain any sports, news, or video gaming videos.
  • Doesn’t have any free content.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video widely known as Prime Video is a US builtin software with video demand over-the-top streaming. 


  • High video quality
  • Portable 
  • Simple 


  • Expensive than IFVOD TV($8.99 monthly subscription, and $139 yearly subscription). 
  • Limited content
  • Don’t contain live news or gaming content. 


IFVOD app is the best software for getting back to your favorite series and remaining updated with news, TV shows, and movies. IFVOD is a jack of all traders. Use this app and share your experience with us in the comments box. (Did you like IFVOD App?)

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