Top 20 Most Popular Unblocked Games 66

Unblocked Games 66 is the most popular game on the internet. They are the best for killing free time and entertainment. Furthermore, they don’t require additional logins and information. Such games are small, free, easy to play, and instantly loaded. 

More than 100,000 thousand free Unblocked Games 66 EZ are found on the internet. This number isn’t the authentic one as every day such game are being launched. Here is the list of the most outstanding and frequently played games that don’t need any registration, logins, or downloading. You can play them anywhere, free of cost. 

Here is the list of various unblocked games 66 (shooting, racing, driving, puzzle, survival, ball, and snake games). 

Top Unblocked Games 66 to Play on PC or Laptop 

  • Fort Drifter | Driving 

Take some time to relax while playing this game that doesn’t need your focus on racing, fighting, or in adventures. This game is based on cars, choose a car of your liking and move on a journey avoiding obstacles.

How to play Fort Drifter? 

  • WASD or arrow keys to drive or move the car.
  • Press the spacebar to boost your speed 
  • Press E to change cars. 
  • Press Esc to pause the game or open the menu 

How to build structure in Fort Drifter?

  • Press Q to open the build menu 
  • Press WASD to choose the building shape of your choice 
  • The shape will show up in front of your car, move the car around to choose your favorite build shape. 
  • Press the Spacebar to build shape.
  • Choose another shape to link them jointly. 

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Stunt Simulator | Racing

The stunt simulator is a driving game. With about 10 different cars (Compact, Muscle, Truck, APC, Racer, and so on) to choose from, this game has something for everyone. Test your driving skills through this game. It’s a single-player game but its multiplayer version is also available on the web. 

How to play Stunt Simulator?

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to drive the car.
  • Use Esc to pause the game or open the main menu

Edy’s Car Simulator | Driving

Edy’s Car Stimulator is ideal for the lover of driving games. Play these adventure games to relax your nerves and relish the adventure without any railing. 

How to play Edy’s Car Stimulator?

  • Press the arrow keys or WASD to brake, steer, and throttle. 
  • Press enter to reset the car. 
  • Click on C to change the camera.
  • Press Tab, page up, or page down to select the vehicle. 
  • Use E to make the gray stone jump (useful for loading tests).
  • Click on R to repair vehicle damage.
  • T is used to start or off the slow-motion time mode. 
  • P to pause the vehicle. 
  • Y for opening or closing telemetry mode. 
  • Press Shift and Y to change the Telemetry mode. 
  • To reset the scene, click on Shift or Esc and then on R. 

Stunt Simulator 2 | Racing 

Among unblocked games 66, Stunt Simulator 2 is the modified version of Stunt Simulator, with 6 maps. Ten types of cars are available in it (racer, truck, sport, compact, or a big rig). 

Each map represents various loopholes that keep the player stimulated and focused. Time will be running as fast as a train while you’re playing the game. 

How to play Stunt Simulator 2?

  • Use WASD keys to move the car. 
  • Press left to shift to boost speed.
  • Esc is for pausing the game.
  • Click on Tab R to reset the car.
  • C is for changing cameras.
  • Click on Z or X to the gear shift in the manual transmission style.

Motorbike Simulator | Obstacle Driving 

It’s a racing game with 3 cool bikes; racer, police, and cross. This type of unblocked games 66 has 4 different maps and the craziest platforms for stunts.

How to play Motorbike Simulator?

  • Use arrow keys or WASD keys to drive the vehicle.
  • Press the spacebar button for the handbrake.
  • Click on C to change the view of the camera. 
  • The left shift is for boosting speed. 
  • R for reset scene.
  • G to reset bikes.
  • E is for turning on the lights.
  • Press X to hide instructions.
  • Click on the Tab button to exit the main menu.

Pixel Survival | Survival

Pixel Survival | Survival

Pixel Survival is one of the best unblocked 66 games. It is an old-school game in which the player is out in the woods alone trying to survive. Water, food, and animals to hunt are available for survival with four different maps. Shoot others to pick up the tool for later use and camp to replenish energy. 

How to play Pixel Survival?

  • Press the arrow keys or WASD to move. 
  • Use right-click the mouse to shoot.
  • Click left-click the mouse to aim at the target.
  • I or E is for opening the inventory. 
  • Click on the F key to pick up things. 
  • Press the Tab key to watch your scores.
  • Press the Spacebar to jump. 
  • P or Esc is used to pause the game. | Ball game | Ball game

In unblocked games 66, is notorious for its dexterity and focus orientation. All you have to do is manage a jumpy ball. 

How to play

  • Tap the mouse to control the ball.
  • Break the colored parts of the block.
  • Don’t engage with black blocks or you will lose the game. 

Snow War io | Attacking Game

Snow War io unblocked game 66, is a game based on the icy season. Gather all the snow in your area to make a snowball larger than your enemy. Hit the enemy with that snowball and push them over the edge to win the game. Beware of icy spots, they’ll freeze you. The main feature of this game is its exceptionally natural graphics.

How to play Snow War io?

  • Press the WASD keys to move.
  • Use release keys to throw the ball on the target. 

Unblocked Shooters | Shooting

Unblocked Shooters is a shooting game with top-notch graphics to catch every detail of the game. Furthermore, you will have access to game rooms to fix a match with players from all over the world. This game also has two-player or multiplayer modes. 

How to play Unblocked Shooter?

  • Use WASD keys to move around.
  • Press space to jump.
  • To fire, click on the left mouse button.
  • The mouse scroll ball will help you change weapons
  • Tap on the C key to crouch. 
  • P is for pausing the game.
  • Use R to reload the gun.
  • Click on the T key to chat with other players.

 Police Traffic | Traffic Driving 

 Police Traffic | Traffic Driving 

This is an adventurous driving game on busy roads. Police cars are roaming the streets to safety. Beware of police traffic in all three stages. Collect money according to the speed rate and the distance covered during the mission. It has four game modes, eight police cars, natural graphics, and different time and weather options (like daytime, nighttime, and rainy days).

How to play Police Traffic?

  • Click on the WASD or arrow keys to drive the vehicle.
  • The left shift for NOS
  • Press the spacebar for a handbrake.
  • Tab and Esc are used for toggle pausing the game. 

Slither Snakes | Snakes Game

Slither Snakes is categorized as an addictive unblocked games 66. Snakes move to eat light balls or layers of different colors. If a snake’s heads collide, it will generate lots of balls. This game is for single players.

How to play Slither Snakes?

  • Use mouse keys to move.
  • Space or left mouse click is used to boost speed.

Top Unblocked games 66 to play on mobile  

Subway Surfer 

Top Unblocked games 66 to play on mobile

Every person has once played this game and downloaded it on their smartphone. It’s a run along the game while avoiding obstacles and hitting a hard object. 


  • Small size
  • Free 
  • Easy to play

Cut The Rope 

This is a puzzle game in which there’s a small monster called Om Nom.  Om Nom is hungry and after the rope is cut, he will have his food. As the levels are upgraded, the difficulty increases as well. 


  • Rope cutting
  • Puzzle 
  • Levels

Uphill Rush 

This is a highway racing game. The game starts from a point and expects the player to reach the end line without any crash or running out of fuel. The track has coins that keep the fuel tank full. 


  • Race 
  • Obstacle 


Move the snake in the direction in which the balls are, so it can eat them and grow. Avoid hitting walls, obstacles, or running into yourself.


  • Eating 
  • Moving
  • Levels

Clear Vision 4

Clear Vision is a sniper unblocked game 66. In this game, you will get into the memories of a shooter jack and in each level, you have one chance to shoot the target. Don’t miss it. 


  • Shooting 
  • Levels 

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