Smokey Nagata 200mph crazy stunt on A1(M) and fine from British Court

Smokey Nagata is the name of thrilling speed. Whenever this name appears the first thing that comes in the mind is speed. And his adventurous race on the roads of British Public Highway. Smokey Nagata has a very interesting story behind this memorable stunt. Moreover, his career and early life are directly related to cars and speed.  

Here in this article, we will discuss all the points of his life. And how Smokey performed the stunt of fastest driving on a British highway.   

For many car guys in the world, Smokey Nagata is the name of inspiration and motivation for them. A lot of young car guys are following him. How he designs his cars, tuning of the engine, and many more.   

This article is going to be very interesting for people who love cars and speed. Furthermore, if they are much avid of the stunts with thrilling speed.  

Firstly, we will unfold how Smokey Nagata got interested in cars. What’s the story behind it?  

The early life of Smokey Nagata:  

Smokey Nagata’s full name is Kazuhiko Nagata or Kazuhiko “Smoky” Nagata. He opened his eyes in the very famous city of Japan Hokkaido in 1964. We can say that Smokey was born with a special talent for Speed and car tunings. All of these things he adopted from his surroundings and he made them his passion.  

As far as the point is concerned about the surroundings, it is famous that Smokey’s father was much involved with the cars. That is the vital reason for his passion for the car.  

Another thing that you would be astonished, Smokey Nagata got the very car (Mitsubishi Galant GTO) of his life just at the age of 15. Usually, kids focus on their studies at this age. But he had to do something memorable for the rest of the world. Maybe this was the reason nature was preparing him.   

At the age of 16 Smokey was being offered by a local Toyota owner for a job. His keen interest and passion attracted him. So, he offered him a job for the betterment of his company with Smokey’s talent.   

But after 4 years he was fired from the job at Toyota. If we would notice, that was the actual turning point for his passion. Because now he can give some extra time to his dreams.  

The story of when Smokey Nagata attempted 200mph in his supra:  

Regarding the domain of Smokey’s stunt of 200mph, the converging statement is; if someone talks about race, speed, and car tuning. Smokey Nagats hits the mind with the very first thought.   

In the 80s he was known as a normal car guy for underground racing. But his life made a real turning point when he made it his passion. And wanted to pursue his professional life in it.   

Actually, the real intention behind his stunt was just an advertisement for his top-secret global company. This company basically deals with the car’s tuning in order to enhance speed.  

On the day when he performed this stunt, it was raining on the roads. So, there was not any rush or disturbance of traffic on British Public Roads. He tried some attempts. For the first-time car’s engine was lean. Smokey Nagata’s MK4 supra reached a high speed of 200mph which is 317 kilometers per hour.   

Fortunately, the stunt got viral around the globe. And he got famous for his crazy passion for speed. This was the time when a car reached this speed on a British highway.  

Fine from British Court after the stunt of 200 mph:  

On the flip side, we all know that British traffic rules are very strict. And no one can drive at this high speed. When the video of Smokey Nagata got viral. So, this illegal stunt made some trouble for him as well.   

He got to jail by British authorities. Moreover, he got a £155 fine and £35 court fee for this. Smokey’s international driving license got banned for one month. Although Smokey Nagata got banned from driving for 10 years in Uk from the court. When was asked for this stunt he just confessed to 120mph.

But from all of these aspects, he got famous globally. 

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Smokey’s NetWorth:  

After getting famous, his company got viral for tuning. Which made him a lot of money. Now his company also sponsors races. And he makes money through branding. His actual NetWorth is not confirmed. But Smokey has made enough money for him through his crazy passion. 

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