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Bianca Hasse, the remarkable celebrity has been hailed by the public due to her splendid acting and staggering facial features. She has played a plethora of roles on the screen and made her name in showbiz. Bianca is still fully committed to the media house. But it’s not just acting, there’s much more to her life, Let’s take a peek into her lifestyle!

Bianca Haase’s Age and Birthplace

Bianca’s birthday falls on the 20th of June, every year. She was born in 1974 in London, United States. So, her age is deduced to be about 46 years by now.

She is Lebanese but belongs to mixed ethnicity and her ancestry tracks back from Germany.  

Educational History

The information media has gleaned regarding Bianca’s educational history, she went to Saguaro High school which is most probably in her hometown.

Later on, she attended the University of Southern California where she graduated in 2011, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Corporate. Communication. There is no further information if she pursued higher education. 

Professional Career

She got her popularity by appearing in a number of movies, and TV serials. Her debut TV show, The Shop was aired in 2012, in which she played the role of Katya. She also portrayed the role of Sophie in her debut film Hot Tub Time Machine 2, in 2015.

Bianca Haase Biography, Family, Career, Physical Attributes, Net Worth and Dating History-Blogswide

 Besides these, she appeared while playing tremendous roles in numerous TV shows, such as the J&T Sketch Show (2017), Superficial Intelligence (2021), The Real Bros of Simi Valley (2018), LA to Vegas (2018), Life in Pieces (2017), The Detour (2017), Melissa & Joey (2013), How I Met Your Mother (2013).

She performed various roles tremendously in films such as Room Service (2016 Short Film), Terrordactyl (2016), The Resort (2021), and Her (2021 Short Film).

Referring to her current profession, she is working as an associate producer at Westward media group and is totally engrossed in her career with utmost commitment.

Family of Bianca Haase

The media has dug into Bianca’s family members but unfortunately are unsuccessful in finding much. She has been quite reticent about her parents and hasn’t disclosed any information regarding them. It has been reckoned that she grew up with a sister. Bianca’s heart was always in acting and she has been practicing since her childhood.

Her parents always succored her and were solicited about her needs. It has been garnered that she grew up in a loving family and doting household, which marked a significant impact on her personality by shaping her into a self-reliant person.   

Physical Attributes of Bianca Haase

Bianca hasn’t gotten her fame due to her acting but her beauty also has a compelling effect. She stands at an average height of 5’3 and weighs around 134 lbs. Moreover, she has a slim figure and owns an attractive banana body shape. She possesses gorgeous deep brown eyes which give youthful look to her face and ruffled mahogany-colored hair.

The Love Life and Dating History of Bianca Haase

Being in vines has been Bianca’s obsession. Her friend created those and she has her heart in them. Jennifer Levinson, Bianca’s close friend made a video of Bianca Hasse and two of her co-stars Tim Fox and Michael Vlamis, where they merely waved at her and she gave off a chucklesome expression and said “I have a boyfriend” which went viral.

She has shown her interest in making comical content like memes and funny series, but she has shielded her personal life from the prying eyes of the media, so it’s almost impossible to predict if she’s dating someone or not.

Bianca Haase Biography, Family, Career, Physical Attributes, Net Worth and Dating History-Blogswide

She has posted 2018, 15th of February, a picture with her friends which she gave a caption stating, “My Valentine this year, I couldn’t be any luckier”, which definitely does not give off any information on her relationship status.

Her current relationship status is reckoned to be single but her previous boyfriend is said to be Brock O’Hurn, as per a few reports, but can’t be confirmed about it.

The Estimated Net Worth of Bianca Haase

The appraised net worth of the stunning lady is estimated to be approximately US 400-500k $, and she got about 10-500k $ Salary for her work, her main source of income is no wonder her acting career.

Besides that, Bianca has been approached by numerous brands for sponsorship, because of her whooping fan following on Instagram, where the sponsors pay her for each post she uploads.

The usual interaction rate of her followers determines her sponsorship fee, 15 of her post usually makes up to 6.7 % of the engagement rate, for which she demands 135-226k $.

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Who is Bianca Haase?

She is the gorgeous American actress who started her career with the TV show LA to Vegas in which she played the role of Lex and later on, appeared in a number of films and TV shows while co-starring with popular actors.

Is Bianca Haase currently single?

Bianca is extremely cautious and not quite eloquent about her personal life, she never revealed her relationship status. So as per reports, the beautiful lady is currently single and is not swept off by her prince charming.

Who are Bianca Haase’s parents?

She hasn’t disclosed her parent’s identity, but by reading between the line and judging her personality, she grew up in a rather supportive and loving household.

Has Bianca Haase ever played debut roles?

Bianca played the debut role of Sophie in Hot Tub Time Machine 2 film and the role of Katya in The Shop.

What is the approximate net worth of Bianca Haase?

The estimated net worth is evaluated to be about 400-500k US dollars. Her sponsorship fees and salary all contribute to her annual income.

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