William Levy reaction to his coworker Luces Velasquez who didn’t know him

Actor William Levy is of Cuban origin and an American actor. He’s best known for his telenovela shows and movies. The incident with Luces Velasquez has made him dearer to the hearts of his admirers. 

The actress Luces who played the role of Dona Julia in the telenovela, ‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman) has revealed the sympathetic reaction of William Levy. Her first meeting with the Cuban heartthrob stood deep in her heart. 

Cafe con aroma de mujer (Coffee with the aroma of a woman) has become the most popular series due to the compelling plot written by a Colombian author. And Willam Levy’s skilful acting added charm and euphoria to the telenovela. The handsome actor doesn’t need any introduction, as the whole world sings songs of his excellence. 

The charm of Levy makes it hard to imagine that there is anyone in the world who doesn’t know him. Not long ago, he had a rather unique moment with his mother of fiction, the actress Luces, who didn’t have any idea of Levy’s work before. Unfortunately, she was entirely oblivious to Levy and hasn’t heard of him. 

The interpreter of Yo soy Betty, La Fea, 62 years old met with the protagonist of Sortilegio and shared a nice anecdote. The actress said, “When we came to record the region, it was very delightful because they sealed us up there in some haciendas because we were amid the pandemic.” Colombian journalist Fernando Fabian Sarmiento was the one interviewing her. 

Levy William arrived and sat down next to her. After that, he introduced himself and asked her, “Do you know who I am? Do you recognize me? Have you ever seen me or are familiar with my works?” To which Luces replied reasonably, “I have no idea who you are.” Velasquez isn’t someone who enjoys television shows or operas and often stays away from them. Hence, she isn’t familiar with many personalities in her domain. 

This response surprised William Levy a great deal. He once again asked her, “How come you don’t know? You haven’t watched any of my works?” The actress was rather amazed by her fellow actor’s questions and simply answered, “I don’t know who you’re as I don’t watch any Mexican soap operas.”

The spectators must have expected a rather dramatic response from William Levy but he left them baffled by his sympathetic response. Rather than being offended, he asked her, “Shall we have a coffee and talk?” The interpreter agreed to his encouraging gesture.

They both sat down and talked to each other for a long while. It truly impressed her that this young man in front of her wasn’t boasting about his work but instead told her about the tough life journey. Emotional life story filled with various ups and downs of William Levy’s life. William was originally born in a remote era of Cuba where he was famished and lived a life of extreme poverty alien to freedom. 

The interrupter Triunfo del Amor demonstrated her humility once again by quoting these words; “He didn’t sit down to talk to me about his fame and merits and other such things, but he told me about his life story from Cuba since he was a child and the misery he had lived through.” This wasn’t all, “The difficulties William Levy felt when he arrived in Miami…. All his life journey and I thought he was an incredible and fascinating person.”

This was a meeting that both celebrities would never forget. She also expressed that she loved meeting him greatly. This wasn’t the end of the story. During the recording and production of the show, both shared the same bond that they formed on their first day. Luces couldn’t help but once again praise the national heartthrob. He proved to be a great companion to her and the other members of the crew team. 

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William Levy always informed her before going to the set for recordings if they have a scene together. The experienced actress couldn’t help and said, “I think, he’s an enormously decent gentleman with the entire technical team.” To her, he might have behaved differently but he didn’t. Rather he sticks hard to his humblest manners with everyone. 

What do you think about the interaction between William Levy and Luces Velasquez? And what are your opinions of the Cuban heartthrob?

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