Paparazzi captured private meetings of Inaki Urdangarin and Ainhoa Armentia 

The former Duke of Palma is swept in passion with Ainhoa Armentia and becomes the target of the Paparazzi. Inaki was relishing a romantic date with his co-worker Ainhoa at the beach and got captured red-handed without any awareness of what was happening in their surroundings. 

The couple had made a debut on the front pages of various Spanish magazines and Fiesta was the first to uncover their private pictures. The image presented by Fiesta showcased both of them taking leisure in bathing at the sea. Inaki Urdangarin and Ainhoa Armentia flew from Bilbao to Ibiza and then travelled by boat to Formentera. As tourists in love, the duo was living like any other couple on the Balearic islands. 

They were communicating imitate and compassionate gestures. When Inaki came out of the water, Ainhoa Armentia pampered her boyfriend by placing the towel around him. 

The close-up of sweetness in the released photographs of Inaki leaves spectators in amazement as they forget the very hard moments he went through some weeks ago when he was caught crying in his automobile inconsolably.  

Inari Urdangarin crying in his car with Ainhoa

A few days before this incident, Inaki Urdangarin crises relentlessly with Ainhoa Armentia. The spectators witnessed him crying for the first time. The images were taken on July 28 when Inaki went to Ainhoa entirely shattered. 

Those leaked images sparked a debate in the country in which hosts and critics were discussing this event in which Inaki Urdangarin cries surfaced in the media for the first time, “his attitude is one of utter disbelief.”

The scene was like that, Inaki had gone through some rough moments and couldn’t bear it himself. At that time, he wanted some consolation and peace. Hence, he made a detour to his girlfriend’s office and asked her for a few minutes in private to discuss something crucial. Although the contents of their conversation aren’t known, it must be something of great meaning to Inaki. 

For more than 20 minutes, Ainhoa Armentia listens to the laments of her boyfriend and seemed in utter doubt at such a condition of Inaki. After listening to him, she couldn’t help and comfort the former handball player with an embrace. 

Paloma Garcia Pelayo and various other collaborators discussed possible reasons for Inaki’s tears before he met his ex-wife and former duchess (princess) of Palma, Infanta Christina in Bidart. 

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More about Ainhoa Armentia 

Ainhoa Armentia is a 43 years old woman who belongs to Vitoria, Spain. She has worked as a co-worker of Inaki and graduated in law. Ainhoa led a life away from fame as a lawyer. But when she started mingling with the former Duke and ex-husband of the sister of the Prince of Palma.

Ainhoa made her debut as a personality when a paparazzi clicked some sweet-spicy photographs of her with Inaki.  Likewise, after the divorce of Infanta Christina and Inaki. Ainhoa Armentia has confirmed her relationship with the former handball player. It’s believed that the former brother-in-law of Queen Letizia has made her new life and it’s the basic reason for his breaking off with Christina. 

The couple works at the same location and corporation at the Imaz & Asociados office. The spark between the co-worker and former Duke was initiated in 2022.  After receiving the Third Prison Degree, infant Christina joined Imaz & Asociados as a consultant. 

New interactions between Inaki Urdangarin and his ex-wife

In less than a month, the couple has surfaced three times together. 

  • Firstly,  on Bidart beach.
  • Secondly, at the funeral of a mutual acquaintance in Jaca. 
  • Third in Geneva, Switzerland. He was seen taking her daughter Irene at the start of the school year. 

Although Inaki has divorced Infanta Christina, he still enjoys a friendly relationship with her. Whereas, he has formulated a deep bond with his new girlfriend Ainhoa Armentia. What do you think about the new relationship with the former Duke Urdangarin?

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