How’s Sydney Brooke Simpson doing now in 2022

As social media is flourishing with charities and funding aids by prominent names. Likewise, celebrities aren’t exempt from the outbreak of their horrible deeds on social media. O.J Simpson is one of its most significant representations which leads to troubled aftermath for the family and children of those celebrities.

Sydney Brooke Simpson is also widely known around the globe due to her mother’s murder and the arrest of her father as the main suspect. The case received attention from American media, television and global residents. 

Just like Johnny Depp and Amber case was broadcasted live and millions of eyes were watching every move of the victim, defiant and Jury. Similarly, the O.J Simpson case was known as the ‘Trial of the Century as it got recognition globally. Media agencies were covering the case on  T.V and millions of people watched it. 

Even though the incident happened in the last century, it ruined the lives of everyone closely related to O.J Simpson including his daughter and son. They had a hard time living after the death of their mother. Their life turned into a mess of interconnected nets. Many people are curious about where is O.J Simpson’s eldest daughter Sydney Brooke Simpson and how she’s doing now. Many journalists are digging into her life to quench the curiosity of readers. So let’s get to know where she’s now and how her life is going

Biography and Wiki 

Sidney Brooke Simpson (36) is the firstborn of the couple O.J Simpson and Nicole Brown. She came to the world on 17th October 1985 in the USA. Her actual birthplace is not learned by the media outlets yet. She has a younger brother from the same parents, Justin.

His father had married Nicole Brown after divorcing his first wife. Hence Sydney had a total of three more siblings Jason, Arnelle and Aaren but Aaren died in a swimming pool in her early years. Sydney had a tough life after the death of her mother, she had to live in isolation as the media was in demand for coverage of their family. She took on a fake name to lay low with his brother Justin. Custody cases between her parents’ families were also a great hassle for her life. She had to live separately from his brother because of it. 

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Sydney attended Gulliver Academy and went to Boston University and the College of Arts and Sciences. She graduated from CAS after completing her BA in Sociology in 2010. 

In 1994, she was just nine years old (9) when her mother was murdered but still she continued her studies without a break and followed in her mother’s footsteps to become an entrepreneur. 


Despite a disastrous childhood, Sydney Brooke Simpson hadn’t felt dejected. She lived her life to the fullest and own three properties with a restaurant. She’s a famous real estate agent. Let’s get into her career life to observe how she straightened the gears of her life. 

She spent her childhood in California but went to Atlanta after graduation. There she worked as an Events Coordinator at Canoe. But when her contract ended, she thought of taking a detour. She relocated to St. Petersburg and started her company Simpsy Properties LLC in 2014. It was a milestone in her real estate career. With her brother Justin Ryan, she made a mini real estate empire which gradually helped her in becoming the owner of 3 properties and a restaurant. She also owns a home in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Private life 

Private life  of Sydney Brooke Simpson

As her family shielded her from the media during the O.J trial. It is speculated that she embodied fear of the press and wanted to stay out of the camera’s eye. But one can’t stay away from the public eyes forever. Many media outlets have reported she has been dating a friend of her brother, Robert Blackmon. He’s a real estate investor and city council candidate. But she denied the rumours saying we’re just good friends. 

Before, she dated Stuart Alexander from 2007 to 2012. Then the couple broke up and parted ways. 

It’s believed that now in 2022, she’s single with no children. 

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s relationship with her father

It’s widely known that Jason and Arnelle had a firm bond with their father and stood with him during the trial but Sydney and Jason weren’t present there. 

Before the death of their mother, the two siblings lived with their mother after she got divorced. Hence, it’s speculated that the relationship between Justin, Sydney and O.J isn’t on good terms but the legal team of the famous footballer has rejected this claim. 

O.J Simpson Murder Case

NFL (National Football League) America player was acquitted of murdering his spouse. 

In 1994, Nicole Brown was in her condominium with her friend Ronald Goldman, she was murdered brutally with a knife. Both victims had various knife wounds. When the police took on to this case’s investigation they found a bloodied item on O.J assets and thus thought he was guilty of this murder.

As the footballer was quite famous, the media also covered every bit of the case. He has formed a Dream Team of the best attorneys and legal advisors. With their help of them, he fought the case. At last, it was proved that there was a distortion of evidence and the jury deemed O.J to be innocent. 

After the trial ended, Goldman’s father filed a civil suit against O.J. As a result, he was collectively found responsible for the death of his ex-wife and her friend. He spent a few years in jail after the verdict due to various allegations against him like assault. 

Is Sydney Brooke Simpson rich? 

Yes, she lives an independent life while having a relatively good net worth of over $20,000.

Net Worth or Assets

As I described earlier, the famous entrepreneur owns a restaurant, a house in St. Petersburg and three properties. It’s estimated that she has more than $20,000 net worth from all her real estate sources. 

How old is Simpson’s eldest daughter?

She’s 36 years old as of 2022. (Born on 17 October 1985)

Is O.J married now?

No, he has divorced his first wife while his second wife was murdered along with her friend. 

What does Sydney Brooke Simpson do for a living?

Sydney Brooke Simpson is an entrepreneur and real estate agent. Sydney also runs a company of hers. 

What did O.J Simpson do to his wife?

He was acquitted of murdering her wife and her friend Godman. 

It’s great to hear that Sydney Brooke Simpson and Justin Ryan are living well and enjoying good health. That terrific incident hasn’t plagued their life, it’s a big relief for all those people who were among those million people that looked over the case on their television in the 1990s. 

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