Newly Completed Real Estate Projects in the UAE

This article aims to not only discuss the newly completed real estate projects in the UAE but to show you where you can buy flats in residential complexes under construction in UAE and the latest blocks to include on your list.

According to Emirates.Estate here is the newly completed units of 2022 where you can get premium real estate servings.

Seven Newly Completed Complexes and Buildings in the UAE

The Al Quoz Creative Zone

This is the newest youthful hub of Dubai featuring creatives from all across the world. You will find all kinds of creatives ranging from artistry to tech people. It is listed as one of the best creative hubs in the world. There are already about 1 000 creative people residing there and promoting their works, while about 33 000 people visit them per annum. If you want to shop for the most innovative and merely imaginable items, the Al Quoz is the place to go.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

When there is a man to preserve and conserve knowledge, there will always be a generation to consume it. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is a seven (7) floor 54 000 sq. M. of facilities consisting of books, brochures, magazines, and all forms of store of knowledge from physical to virtual and computer-based storage.

It was commissioned mid-year 2022 and has been accessed by so many since then. It is located in Al Jaddaf, Dubai overlooking the beautiful Dubai Creek.

The Royal Atlantis Resort

The dual-winged Royal Atlantis Resort is worth a trial by all lovers of trendy new buildings. Located in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, the resort is the second of its kind in the area but permeates the community perfectly, drawing the customers of many other competitors to themselves.

It is one of the areas expected to boom up to about a decade after its launch, and it is holding on to its reputation pretty well.

The Dubai Expo 2020 Site 

The Expo 2020 was the talk of the town for a very long time, as art lovers gathered from across the world, to participate and experience the 2020 Dubai Expo. The area where it is situated is called District 2020 which was internationally prepared by the government to ease the journeys of the expo visitors.

The region did well based on the design, tackling mobility gridlocks such that the whole city could be toured in less than 20 minutes with the multiple driveways and routes. Today, many tenants reside there and businesses have started staging their offices in the area as well.

The Meydan One Mall

Although launched in 2017, the Meydan One Mall remains relevant to date. It has all of the desired units and sections of a mall, and then adds an outdoor facility for various famous games. It serves the residents of the Meydan City Area and stocks food, clothes, and recreational items.

The AL Qana Aquarium and Waterside Complex

The Al Qana waterside complex is a home for the adventurous spirit which doubles as an e-sport area, an aquarium housing over 300 aqua species, and many playground spaces and spots for adults and children alike. It was officially opened in November 2022 and has received tremendous attention from Emiratis and migrants. It is said to be one of the newest places that visitors love to frequent.

The Rixos Marina Hotel, Abu Dhabi

There are more hotels and resorts in the UAE than one could count, nevertheless, the country keeps adding more to the list. Regardless of the varying motivations, luxury hotels and resorts are good business as far as the UAE is concerned. Although nearly complete, this project is expected to be officially launched publicly in 2023. It features on the list of the top premium hotels of the UAE for the year.

To sum up

A link has been provided in the first paragraphs where you can find these new units, and all other units which have been completed in the past. It is the easiest method to search for these properties because it allows you to view multiple posts and links at once.

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