Norstrat: Choosing The Right Consultancy Firm For Your Business 

Today we will unfold all the facts about Norstrat. Whether you’re a small or large-scale organization, a startup, an established conglomerate, or anything in between, you need to factor in a multitude of aspects when hiring services from a business consultancy firm. This is particularly important in today’s world where the need for development and sustainability is deeply entwined.

Factors like your unique industry vertical, company size, budget, required level of expertise, etc., should be carefully weighed when deciding which consultancy firm would work best for your business.  

Business Development & Consulting: Enter Norstrat 

With broad expertise and an extensive experience in the sector, Norstrat has been at the forefront of Canada’s Northern Strategy. Introduced first in 2007 by the Canadian government, the Northern Strategy aims to exercise arctic sovereignty in all its glory while protecting the social and environmental heritage as well as promoting economic and social development in the region.   

With effective strategies and cutting-edge platforms, Norstrat provides insight, leadership, support, and necessary tools needed by organizations of all scales to thrive in the current business landscape as well as prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.  

Norstrat: A Little Background 

Starting with a small office in Canada in 2010, Norstrat now works for top companies across Canada, USA, and Europe. Owned and operated by Lee Carson, it is a globally renowned integrated communication and business consultancy firm focusing primarily on large-scale, government-funded infrastructure projects, as well as military, logistics, aeronautics, research, marketing, and PR activities.   

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Norstrat Services & Expertise Overview 

Norstrat offers its clients all-encompassing business consultancy support tailored exclusively to their unique business needs, particularly in the context of their Northern Strategy efforts.

It provides support throughout every process across the business development lifecycle: in project definition, feasibility and market research, procurement strategy, project management, memorandum to Cabinet, operational activities for the implementation of the Northern Strategy, capture and bid management, public affairs, risk management/mitigation, personalized workshops for professional training, KPI (key performance indicator) analysis, and so on.

Norstrat’s primary goal is to empower organizations to truly harness and play their part in driving the Northern Strategy efforts.  

Partnerships & Collaborations 

Throughout its entrepreneurial journey, Norstrat has worked with countless small startups as well as with prominent Fortune 500 companies. It has been collaborating with some of the biggest brands across various industries; in government, military, as well as private corporations.

Norstrat clientele includes the biggest names like Aker Solutions, MacDonald Dettwiler, Alpha Sights, Saab Technologies, Babcock, Raytheon Canada Support Services, SK Films, L3 Ocean Systems, Calian, Canadian Light Source, Canadian Coast Guard, Canadian Space Agency, Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador, government departments, and more.  

Norstrat has been actively working with these firms, as well as many others, to streamline effective development strategies, accelerate technology adoption, and implement business intelligence, PR, marketing communication, and so on.  

Why Should You Outsource To Norstrat? 

Both government and private corporations, alike, need a well-thought strategy to effectively develop their business activities and promote and boost the growth of their respective companies. Large-scale projects are extremely difficult to manage and implement.

Therefore, outsourcing strategic planning, market research, PR, marketing, business development, etc., to firms like Norstrat can prove to be extremely beneficial for the success and overall bottom line of your business. Norstrat is able to achieve this by designing and implementing strategies based on data-driven extrapolations to create not just a sustainable present but also a sustainable future.

Each strategy and solution is tailored perfectly to enable clients and relevant stakeholders to work towards the successful accomplishment of the Northern Strategy. Norstrat can assist clients of all scales, across varying industries, to launch new brands, establish businesses, and trump competitors seamlessly and effectively.  

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