Has actor Luis Lorenzo murdered his wife’s aunt Isabel?

Actor Luis Lorenzo and his wife, Arantxa Palomino, were recently arrested near Madrid in Rivas Vaciamadrid for reportedly murdering Arantxa’s 85 years old aunt, Isabel on May 27. 

The police reported that the couple had invited Isabel over to dinner and asked her to stay with them. But the real purpose of their positive attitude towards her is because of their temporal desires. They gave her heavy metal poisons and prevented her from contacting anyone outside. 

When Isabel didn’t return home, her nephew Jose called the police. The police traced her whereabouts and ended up at Luis Lorenzo’s house. They confirmed the fact that Isabel was staying with them. The police wanted to meet her but they didn’t let them. Furthermore, the police couldn’t raid their house with a warrant. So, they left.

In June 2021, Isabel died due to the natural causes of dementia. Meanwhile, Arantxa’s brother didn’t believe that this was a natural death. Hence, he opted for a medical autopsy of his aunt. The results were surprising, Isabel died of poisoning according to the autopsy report.  

The autopsy report made the police dubious and they started investigating the case. They found out that 30,000 Euros had been withdrawn from Isabel’s bank account. At that moment, she was living with Luis Lorenzo. Later, it was also revealed that Isabel’s will was changed when she was living with them. The will was changed to make Arantxa the sole of her property. 

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Court restricted Luis 

The murder suspect was apparent. Luis Lorenzo and Arantxa were the prime suspects as they were getting the most advantage from the death of Isabel. The case became chaotic. The court asked the couple to visit weekly and restricted them to their local area. Their passports have been sealed as well. So, they can’t flee the country. 

Luis Lorenzo’s house was searched as well to find possible poison, and evidence of any leads. The judge in this case constrained their access to the estate’s fund as well. The residents living in their area told police that they occasionally heard screaming from their houses. 

This case made this actor globally famous. Gradually, more information about the tie is getting revealed. Luis Lorenzo didn’t have an amicable relationship with his neighbours, lawyer or wife. It was revealed that he had a rough relationship with his former lawyer Teresa Bueyes. 

Luis Lorenzo’s lawyer claim

Francisco Pérez is the lawyer of Luis. He recently revealed in an interview; 

“Disheartened, in a crisis of insecurity, because they assert that they are innocent, they are in a hopeless situation, waiting for it to be clarified .”

Pérez also said that there are doubts about the evidence and autopsy. The lawyer said that there were two autopsies, both including contrasting evidence.  The poison of heavy metals isn’t mentioned in the report. Apart from that, just because of receiving a little amount of money for expenses during the deceased’s stay at Luis’s house is not a just cause for accusing them of murder. 

“We have a crucial absence of evidence and we do not know the duration of the investigation, we move on to presumption We understand that there are two autopsies and in one of them the presence of heavy substances is disclosed ”.

Romy Abradelo statement 

Actress Romy Abradelo, who was Luis Lorenzo’s partner for two years, disclosed that he’s ‘an extremely jealous person.’ She also added that he ‘liked to pretend a lot‘ and was a very ‘dark guy.’

Profile Summary 

Name Luis Lorenzo Crespo
Nickname Luis 
Birthday 24 July 1960
Age 62 gears old (as of 2022)
Birthplace Madrid, Spain 
Nationality Spanish 
Famous For Arrested as a murder suspect 
Profession Actor, businessman 
Education Will be updated 
Wife Arantxa Palomino
Children 2
Net WorthWill be updated 


Luis Lorenzo was born on July 24, 1960, in Madrid, Spain. He’s a well-known actor and presenter in the Spanish Entertainment Industry. In 2021, he was grilled over the accusation of murdering his wife’s aunt. 


Luis made his debut in the entertainment industry through the program Hello Rafaella! This magazine was produced by Rafaella Carra and was broadcasted on Television in 1992. It kept appearing on TV until 1994. 

In 1993, he also appeared in a series for Elisa on La 1. This series focused on the life of young advertisers. Assumpta Serna, Fernando Velvarde, Oscar Ladoire, Juan Luis Galiardo, Xabier Elorriaga and Virginia Mataix worked with him. 

Later, he starred in the La familia Mata series. During 1995 and 1996, Luis Lorenzo appeared with Barbara Rey at the end of Hello Rafaella! Famous actors also joined ‘This is a Show’. This Show — a musical show and variety program presented by Laura Valenzuela and Joaquin Prat. 

In March 2002, Luis hosted a quiz show titled ‘Final Decision’. Luis tried his utmost to make this show a hit and get more ratings than their rival show ‘Antena 3′ Patricia Diary’. But their ratings gradually fell and they had to cancel this show. This show was a Spanish adaptation of Russian roulette’s North American format. 

At that time, he realized that he wasn’t made for a variety of programs. Hence, he moved back to acting and did many worth-watching roles. Luis was one of the most famous actors of his time among Spanish audiences. His successful and most memorable TV shows include El Secreto, The Kill Family, Homicides, I Am Bea, Eve’s Fishbowl, When Leaving Class and the Commissioner. 

At the age of 38, he once again joined a variety show that was based on survival. Luis Lorenzo showcased his adventure with Canales Rivera, Mustache Arracet, Jose Manuel Soto and many others in ‘The Jungle of the Famous and Survivors.’

Movies or TV ShowsYear 
Para Elisa1993
Hola Raffaella 1992 to 1994
Esto es Espectaculo 1995 to 1996
Jacinto Durante, representante2000
Al Salir de Clase1998 to 2000
El secreto 2001
El conisario2003 to 2007
Yo Soy Bea2008
La que se avecina 2007 to present 

Personal profile

From Luis’s friends and other people that have known him, it’s exposed that he had a haughty personality. The notorious actor was obsessed with money that he could even retort to threats and frauds. 

Mercedes Garcia’s claim about Luis 

Mercedes Garcia, his former girlfriend, stated that he had scammed her. She’s a businesswoman whom he dated for a year and a half. Garcia accused him that he scammed her of 630,000 Euros and a car. She added that he coughed up money when she hired lawyers to deal with him. Mercedes also found him guilty of infidelity and his other girlfriend was pregnant. 

If there are more updates on the case, we’ll be the first to share them with you. What do you think, is Luis Lorenzo really the murderer of Isabel?

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