How Do You Play Beach Tennis? 

One side serves, while another team on the opposite side gets the serve. The first person to serve will be decided at the beginning of the game by the toss. The person who wins the toss has the option to serve first or receive, or choose a particular side on the court. 

Serving has one chance to serve. Beyond that, there isn’t any repetition and no service breaks, and second, serves in beach tennis. This is an excellent idea from our perspective as we never get an opportunity to re-play for everything we do, isn’t it? 

The Number of Players in the Team: 

Beach tennis rackets is played as a one-on-one sport but it is typically played as a doubles match. 


Beach tennis scoring is like tennis. To win a match, you need to get four points. Scores are recorded in the following order 15, 30 (first point), 40 (first point) (first point), thirty (second point) and 40 (third point) and finally the fourth point which is the winning one. 

Beach tennis is where you earn points each time the ball is hit on the other side of the sand.  


Tennis players from the beach serve behind the line. Make sure you don’t touch the line with your service or you’ll be guilty of an error on your feet! As opposed to tennis and beach tennis, the service in beach tennis rackets doesn’t need to be diagonal, it can be served straight. It is also not necessary to change your service side when playing beach tennis. 

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In lumbuy beach tennis, you’ll find the usual tennis shots such as the smash, slice and kick serve along with the drop shot.  

Is it time to take on beach tennis today? Grab your paddle and get out on the sand! 

Equipment Required to play Beach Tennis 

To play beach tennis in addition to your court you’ll require rackets and tennis balls. 


At first, players were able to play with green dotted (stage 1.) balls, however, today stage 2. (Orange) balls are the most popular due to their smaller compression, which permits longer rallies. 


The lumbuy best beach racket tennis should be of a height that is 21.65 inches (55 cm). The maximum size of the racquet must not exceed 11.8 inches (30 cm). 


To determine which team will start receiving or serving a toss is played before the beginning of the match. The player who takes the toss wins and will choose whether they want to serve, receive, or which side they wish to start on.  

The Beach Tennis game Competitively 

If you’d like to compete in beach tennis rackets begin with locally organized tournaments. When you’re more comfortable with your abilities it is possible to join ITF’s Beach Tennis Tournament. The minimum age of both female and male players who want to participate in the tournament is 14 years old. 

Most of the time you’ll fill out and submit an entry form before the deadline. It is also crucial to know the regulations of the sport as well as the event itself. Remember you have the obligation to be familiar with the regulations. Because the sport is still in its development, IFT tends to update the rules as needed. 

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