Magch Brand Review: Are The Products Worth It?

Magch retails in consumer electronics, mainly, across European, North American, and Japanese markets. These tablets are the highlight of their evolving catalog. And are a great option for users looking for a reliable gadget solution to support their day-to-day tech needs. 

Magch Catalog: Brief Overview & Technical Specifications

Smart tablets have become increasingly popular among people of all ages these days. Whether you want to buy a tablet for work and productivity or entertainment and leisure, whether for yourself or your kid, Magch can serve as an excellent answer. Magch tablets feature RAMs in the 2-4 GB range, 32/64GB ROM, battery capacity of as much as and up to 6000mAH, and support 3G and 4G, while some models also support 5G connections. When it comes to size, Magch tablets go up as high as 10.1 inches. Magch 10.1’’ is their flagship product and is discussed in detail in the section that follows:

Magch 10.1’’ Powerful Octa-Core Tablet

This is the latest model Magch has released having amazing features, capabilities, and versatility. It comes with basic apps pre-installed. Below is the summary of the technical specifications of this tech beast:

  • Processor: Magch 10.1 combines the latest in chipset technology with a powerful 1.8GHz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM. This tablet lets you enjoy a smooth in-app experience while also being able to switch between apps at blistering speeds without compromising performance. 
  • Display: Boasting a full HD screen of 10.1 inches with an aspect ratio of 16 by 9 in resolution 1920×1200 pixels (224 pixels per inch), this tablet can serve as a mini, portable cinema screen that also supports eye-care through its Comfort Mode in screen display settings. 
  • Battery: With a single full charge of its 6000mAH battery you can go a long way: 11 hours of mixed/normal usage on average; supporting reading for about 15 hours and about 9 hours for video. 
  • Storage: On top of its 64GB in-built storage capacity you can add an SD card expandable to up to 256GBs and store all your hi-res photos, videos, files, etc., in one place. This tablet won’t force you to choose among your files in order to create space for “more important” ones. 
  • Camera: 8MP and 13MP cameras are mounted on the front and rear, respectively. With dual camera support, you can turn every moment into a shareable memory.  
  • Connectivity: The tablet is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, has a built-in GPS and FM, and boasts 5G Wi-Fi capability to support your superfast and well-connected lifestyle. 

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Where To Buy Magch Tablets?

If you’re interested in buying Magch tablet(s), you can buy directly from their website as well as on different marketplaces like Amazon. 

Before You Buy A Magch Tablet:

Here before you go out to buy a tablet for yourself, your kid, or as a gift for your loved one, it is important that you do a little homework beforehand in order to make a smart and well-informed choice. Before you buy a Magch tablet or anything else for that matter, make sure to:

  • Read reviews and compare prices online
  • Consider your technical needs and ask questions

Also, before you start comparing the Magch tablet with the iPad your friend has, remember that it can serve better than an iPad in several ways. For example, the aforementioned Magch 10.1 is much more affordable and comes with a USB port for easy charging and transferring of files with a computer or laptop. Apple’s iPads are a great option in their own way but you can trust Magch if you’re a little tight on your budget and wish to enjoy great features for less.  

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for reliable yet affordable Android tablets, Magch tablets are a good option. Magch tablets, while being budget-friendly, feature quality and good-performing hardware and software. The performance overall is suitable for everyday use but don’t expect anything super-extraordinary overall, all things considered. 

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